The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
In 1295 Edward I levied a universal tax for the expenses of his Scottish War and the list of the amounts paid by the Maghefeld [Mayfield] landowners is still in existence.Source: Bell-Irving
Walter Achoman
Thomas ate Berghe
Jordan Botererl
Relict Beatrice ButtonButton [now Buttons Farm]
William Cole
William Cupere
William of DodeslandDodesland [now Dudsland]
Nicholas Fabre
John Forestar
Symon Fre
Simon Glover
Margery Gorulf
William of HaddelegheHaddeleghe [now Hadlow]
Nicholas Hamund
Alan Herth
Gilbert HuchonHuchon [now Huchens]
William Kukku
Matthew Lomb
William Maister
Symon Marchant
John Pistor
Ralph SaltereSaltere [now Salters Green]
Nicholas Strodherde
Ralph Taliur
Thomas ate Timbe
Andrew Turnor

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