The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
In 1328 Edward III levied a universal tax to pay for wars against the Scots and the list of the amounts paid by the Byvelham [Bibleham] landowners is still in existence.Source: Bell-Irving
John Alecock
John de Beniden
Richard de BonehurstBonehurst [now Bungehurst]
Adam atte CombeCombe
Simon de Cumden
Stephen de Cumden
William DosyDosy [now Doozes Farm]
William atte Forde
John atte Forde
Peter Guliot
John atte Hegheton
Robert atte Newehose
Stephen atte Re
Walter atte Rea
Walter atte Ree
Robert de SharndeneSharndene
Gilbert de ShotingherstShotingherst [now Chittinghurst]
Robert atte ShotingherstShotingherst [now Chittinghurst]
Godfrey Waleis
Gilbert de Wenebourne

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