The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
In 1528 Henry VIII levied a universal tax for the expenses of his wars against King Louis of France and the list of the amounts paid by the inhabitants of Mayfield is still in existence.Source: Bell-Irving
John Adams
William Arnold
Water Atherwold
William Aynescombe
John Aynscombe
John Baker
Richard Bashe
Robert Boutell
Richard Brymsted
John Burges
Elen Cade
William Dilke
Joan Dorant
Richard Dorant
Robert Dorant
William Dorant
John Dray
Robert Dyne
John Edward
N/K Eversfield
Thomas Fallen
Thomas Fawle
William Fleecher
John Freman
Richard Fysher
N/K Gardiner
Julian Gibbe
Symon Glasier
William Gybbe
William atte Hill
John Hoget
John Hoke
John Hoke
Richard Holborne
Andrew Holt
Thomas Jamys
Thomas Jeffrey
Thomas Kempe
Matthew Keward
John Langerer
Thomas Longley
William A. Lye
John Marchant
Laurence Marten
Thomas Marten
Christopher Martin
William Melward
William A. Mier
Robert Mire
Richard the elder Modyll
Richard Modyll
John Modyll
Nicholas Modyll
John Mone
John the younger Mone
Thomas Mone
Nicholas Mouseherst
John N/K
John Junior N/K
John N/K
John N/K
William Nysell
John Page
Nicholas Pentecost
Thomas Proude
John Relf
Robert Relf
William Relf
William the elder Relf
Richard Roger
Robert Sawyer
Richard Smith
Thomas Smyth
Gilbert Strenger
Harry Symon
Harry Wadman
John Walcot
Thomas Weston
Richard Whetle
Richard Wilmesherst
John Wykersham

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