The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Edward Frisby Howis, son of Edward Howis and Mary Howis [Frisby]
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A London businessman of considerable wealth, Edward Frisby Howis, made the greatest contribution to the alteration of the Crowborough landscape, from its then, in 1809, gorse and heathered heathland to the tree-adorned prospect we know today. Of course it was not only trees he provided, Crowborough once had five mill ponds strung along the valley to the north-west of the Beacon, these were all built by Howis; most probably prompted by his having seen the remains of the two previous furnace and hammer ponds just a little further-on down the valley. Howis leased this land on Crowborough Warren from Lord Henniker and built two large watermills, one building still stands and is now known as Old Mill, the other, New Mill, is nothing but a ruin, the stone having been sold to a local firm of masons in the 1960's. It was in this latter mill that the flour for Queen Victoria's wedding cake was ground. Howis appears to have been a very active man and something of an extrovert, making journeys from Crowborough to London, frequently, on horseback and within 3 hours either way; either by these exertions or from some illness he died while only 58 years old in 1830. Howis could be considered as Crowborough's first commercial developer.

See also The Story of Crowborough (1933) published in 1933, The Squire of Crowborough (1940) published in 1940, Crowborough - The Growth of a Wealden Town (1985) published in 1985 and The Crowborough Warren Estate published in 1985.
18th Sep 1774
London Parish Registers
14th Oct 1774
At St. James, in London
London Parish Registers
c 1800
Charlotte Gutteridge
22nd Feb 1806
Birth of a daughter
Mary, in London
London Parish Registers
31st Dec 1808
Birth of a daughter
Ann Frances, in London
London Parish Registers
1st Sep 1810
Birth of a son
Edward Gunter, in London
London Parish Registers
19th Mar 1812
Birth of a daughter
Ellen Gunter, in London
London Parish Registers
11th Feb 1814
Birth of a daughter
Caroline, in London
London Parish Registers

Ancestor's report
Descendent's report
How, Howe, Howse, Howis, Howes individual records
The ancestral pedigree of Edward Frisby Howis
 Edward Howism: 25th Aug 1771 St. Georges, Hanover Square, LondonMary Frisby 
 b: c 1742
d: 28th Mar 1817 Forest Hill, Lewisham, London, aged 75 years
bur: after 28th Mar 1817 St. Mary's Church, Lewisham, London
  b: c 1751
d: 19th Nov 1829 Forest Hill, Lewisham, London, aged 78 years
bur: after 19th Nov 1829 St. Mary's Church, Lewisham, London
 Mary Edward Frisby Eleanor 
 b: 9th Jun 1772 London
ch: 9th Jun 1772 St. James
 b: 18th Sep 1774 London
ch: 14th Oct 1774 St. James
 b: 10th Nov 1776 London
ch: 5th Dec 1776 St. James
d: 1st Apr 1840 Forest Hill, Lewisham, London, aged 63 years
bur: after 1st Apr 1840 St. Mary's Church, Lewisham, London
 Edward Frisby Howism: c 1800Charlotte Gutteridge 
 b: 18th Sep 1774 London
ch: 14th Oct 1774 St. James
  b: c 1780
 Mary Ann Frances Edward Gunter Ellen Gunter Caroline 
 b: 22nd Feb 1806 London
ch: 23rd Jan 1807 St. James
 b: 31st Dec 1808 London
ch: 28th Jan 1809 St. James
 b: 1st Sep 1810 London
ch: 22nd Sep 1810 St. James
 b: 19th Mar 1812 London
ch: 1st Sep 1813 St. James
d: 27th Aug 1831 aged 19 years
bur: after 27th Aug 1831 St. Mary's Church, Lewisham, London
 b: 11th Feb 1814 London
ch: 23rd Mar 1814 St. James

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