The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Frank Piper, son of Henry Piper, farm labourer and Ellen Piper [Keeley]
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In the Parish of Hawkhurst, Kent
1891 Census
Salehurst, Sussex

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Piper, Pipper, Pyper family records
The ancestral pedigree of Frank Piper
 John Piperm: 10th Jul 1750 Battle, SussexAnn Barnsby 
 b: c 1730  b: c 1730
 Thomas William 
 b: 1754 Rye, Sussex
ch: 8th Dec 1754
 b: 1756 Rye, Sussex
ch: 1st Nov 1756
Grandfather record
 William Piperm: 16th Feb 1792 St Laurence Church, Hawkhurst, KentAnn Munn 
 b: 1756 Rye, Sussex
ch: 1st Nov 1756
  b: c 1765
 William Elizabeth Jane Harriot 
 b: c March 1792 Rye, Sussex
ch: 27th Apr 1792
 b: 1794 Rye, Sussex
ch: 26th Sep 1794
 b: 1796 Rye, Sussex
ch: 7th Sep 1796
 b: 1798 Rye, Sussex
ch: 7th Dec 1798
Grandfather record
 William Piper
stone mason
m: 30th Dec 1818 St Laurence Church, Hawkhurst, KentElizabeth Piper 
 b: c March 1792 Rye, Sussex
ch: 27th Apr 1792
  b: 1799 Hawkhurst, Kent
ch: 22nd Sep 1799 St Laurence Church
 Flora William Godfrey Robert Solomon Elizabeth 
 b: 1820 Hawkhurst, Kent
ch: 2nd Jan 1820 St Laurence Church
 b: 1824 Hawkhurst, Kent
d: Oct to Dec 1884 aged 60 years registered at Cranbrook District, Kent ref: 1884 Q4 Vol 2a Page 455
 b: 1827 Hawkhurst, Kent b: 1829 Hawkhurst, Kent b: 1832 Hawkhurst, Kent b: 1834 Hawkhurst, Kent
ch: 4th May 1834 St Laurence Church
Grandfather record
 Robert Piper
master mason
m: 3rd Jun 1852 St Dunstan's Church, Cranbrook, KentHarriet Wraight 
 b: 1829 Hawkhurst, Kent  b: 1829 Cranbrook, Kent
 Jane Henry Elizabeth Ann George Frank 
 b: 1853 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1855 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1858 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1860 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1863 Cranbrook, Kent 
Grandfather record
 Henry Piper
farm labourer
m: 6th May 1883 St Laurence Church, Hawkhurst, KentEllen Keeley 
 b: 1855 Cranbrook, Kent  b: 1849 Salehurst, Sussex
 Harriett Frank Charles 
 b: 1884 Hawkhurst, Kent b: 1885 Hawkhurst, Kent b: 1888 Hawkhurst, Kent 
Parental record

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