The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Alfred Charles Hallam, miner, son of John Henry Hallam and Dorcas Eliza Hallam [Wheatley]
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At Greta in the State of NSW, Australia
Beryl Offley's records

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Hallam, Hallan individual records
The ancestral pedigree of Alfred Charles Hallam, miner
 John Henry Hallamm: 23rd Oct 1888 Greta, NSW, AustraliaDorcas Eliza Wheatley 
 b: July to Sep 1864 Gleadless, Yorkshire, son of John and Anne Hallam
ch: 2nd Oct 1864 Gleadless
d: 7th Jun 1929 Greta, NSW, Australia
bur: after 7th Jun 1929 Kurri Kurri, NSW, Australia
  b: 27th Jun 1872 Bishops Bridge, NSW, Australia, (twin)
ch: 13th Jan 1873 Bishops Bridge
d: 1954 Kurri Kurri, NSW, Australia
Rose  Alberta Jane Alfred Charles Sybil A. Alice Henrietta Edgar Gerald Keith Walter 
b: 30th Mar 1889 Greta, NSW, Australia
d: 1st Apr 1889 Greta, NSW, Australia
  b: 23rd Oct 1892 Greta, NSW, Australia
d: 3rd Jan 1939
 b: 1894 Greta, NSW, Australia b: 1903 Stockton, NSW, Australia b: 1907 Kurri Kurri, NSW, Australia
d: 1952 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
 b: 1909 Kurri Kurri, NSW, Australia
d: 1966 Kurri Kurri, NSW, Australia
 b: 1914 Kurri Kurri, NSW, Australia b: c 1915 
  John H.                 
  b: 1890 Greta, NSW, Australia
d: 1906 Lambton, NSW, Australia

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