The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Edwin Watson, son of James Watson and Philadelphia Catharine Watson [Foord]
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In the Parish of Burwash, Sussex
1851 Census
Burwash, Sussex
30th Mar 1851
At Little Daws in the Parish of Burwash, Sussex; Edwin Watson, M, Son, single, age 5, born Burwash, Sussex
1851 Census
Burwash, Sussex
c 1870
Elizabeth Ann .....
3rd Apr 1881
At Little Whiligh in the Parish of Ticehurst, Sussex; Edwin Watson, M, Head, married, age 35, born Burwash, Sussex; occupation: Fodderman
1881 Census
Ticehurst, Sussex

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Watson, Whatson, Watson-Smyth family records
The ancestral pedigree of Edwin Watson
 Samuel Watsonm: 19th Apr 1740 Ewhurst, SussexAnn Glover 
 b: c 1720  b: c 1720
 Samuel Henry John Mercy Ann Elizabeth 
 b: 1740 Ewhurst, Sussex
ch: 22nd Feb 1740
 b: 1742 Ewhurst, Sussex
ch: 27th Feb 1742
 b: 1745 Ewhurst, Sussex
ch: 19th May 1745
 b: 1747 Ewhurst, Sussex
ch: 11th Oct 1747
 b: 1750 Ewhurst, Sussex
ch: 9th Dec 1750
 b: 1755 Ewhurst, Sussex
ch: 12th May 1755
Grandfather record
 Samuel Watsonm: 30th Aug 1764 All Saints Church, Mountfield, SussexAnn Eldridge 
 b: 1740 Ewhurst, Sussex
ch: 22nd Feb 1740
  b: 1745 Battle, Sussex
ch: 11th Oct 1745
 Lucy Samuel Charlotte John 
 b: 1774 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 8th May 1774 St. Bartholomew's Church
 b: 1776 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 12th Jun 1776 St. Bartholomew's Church
 b: 1779 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 20th Apr 1779 St. Bartholomew's Church
 b: 1783 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 30th Mar 1783 St. Bartholomew's Church
Grandfather record
1st marriage Samuel Watsonm: 10th Aug 1795 Dallington, SussexMary Reeves 
 b: 1776 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 12th Jun 1776 St. Bartholomew's Church
  b: c 1775
Mary  Samuel John Martha Arthur Sarah Ephraim Elizabeth 
b: c September 1795 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 5th Oct 1795 St. Bartholomew's Church
  b: 1799 Dallington, Sussex
ch: 9th Jun 1799
 b: 1801 Dallington, Sussex
ch: 5th Apr 1801
 b: 1803 Dallington, Sussex
ch: 24th Apr 1803
d: August 1831 Burwash, Sussex, aged 28 years
bur: 14th Aug 1831 St. Bartholomew's Church, Burwash, Sussex
 b: 1805 Dallington, Sussex
ch: 19th May 1805
 b: 1807 Dallington, Sussex
ch: 8th Jan 1807
d: 16th Aug 1807 Dallington, Sussex
 b: 3rd Jan 1808 Dallington, Sussex
ch: 22nd Feb 1809
 b: 1809 Dallington, Sussex
ch: 19th Mar 1809
   b: 1797 Dallington, Sussex
ch: after 30th Apr 1797
Grandfather record
 Samuel Watsonm: 9th Nov 1819 St. Bartholomew's Church, Burwash, SussexHannah Hepton 
 b: 1799 Dallington, Sussex
ch: 9th Jun 1799
  b: 1795 to 1800 Sussex
Samuel  Amelia  Hannah  Mary Anne  Frances Emily Thomas Edward 
b: 1821 Burwash, Sussex  b: 1824 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 9th Feb 1824 St. Bartholomew's Church
  b: 1828 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 13th Jul 1828 St. Bartholomew's Church
  b: 1831 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 1st Jan 1832 St. Bartholomew's Church
  b: 1835 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 4th Oct 1835 St. Bartholomew's Church
 b: 1837 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 3rd Sep 1837 St. Bartholomew's Church
 b: 1839 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 8th Sep 1839 St. Bartholomew's Church
 b: 1841 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 8th Aug 1841 St. Bartholomew's Church
   William James George Henry        
   b: 1822 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 20th Jan 1822 St. Bartholomew's Church
 b: 1826 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 19th Mar 1826 St. Bartholomew's Church
 b: 1830 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 18th Jul 1830 St. Bartholomew's Church
 b: 1833 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 8th Sep 1833 St. Bartholomew's Church
Grandfather record
1st marriage James Watsonm: 3rd Apr 1845 St. Bartholomew's Church, Burwash, SussexPhiladelphia Catharine Foord 
 b: 1826 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 19th Mar 1826 St. Bartholomew's Church
  b: 1826
Edwin Caroline Anna James Obadiah Henry Thomas Martin John Isabella Alfred 
b: 1846 Burwash, Sussex b: 1850 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 11th Aug 1850 St. Bartholomew's Church
 b: 1853 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 4th Sep 1853 St. Bartholomew's Church
 b: 1855 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 11th Nov 1855 St. Bartholomew's Church
d: 1940 Maidstone, Kent
 b: 1859 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 6th Nov 1859 St. Bartholomew's Church
 b: 1861 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 7th Apr 1861 St. Bartholomew's Church
 b: 1864 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 6th Nov 1864 St. Bartholomew's Church
 b: 1866 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 6th May 1866 St. Bartholomew's Church
Parental record
 Edwin Watsonm: c 1870Elizabeth Ann 
 b: 1846 Burwash, Sussex b: 1850 Ticehurst, Sussex
Family record

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