The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Edward Payne
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Edward Payne was born and baptised at East Grinstead in 1593, and was son and heir of Edward Payne (1560 - 1643) and Anna, his wife, daughter and heir of John Payne, of Hicksted, in Twineham and granddaughter of John Payne, of Hicksted, who died in 1545. In 1619 Edward Payne married Hanna, daughter of Richard Yerwood, of Southwark. In 1644 he was Sheriff of Sussex, and dying in 1660 was buried at East Grinstead. At his death he owned freeholds, burgages and portlands in East Grinstead and Hartfield, the manor and lands of Gravetye and Wildgoose, Goddenwick Farm in Lindfield, John Bartholomew's house in East Grinstead, part of Imberhorne Manor, part of East Grinstead Common and now forming part of the Halsford estate, the manor and farm of Burley Arches in Worth, a farm and lands in Barcombe and the manors and farm of Chiddingly in West Hoathly.

See also The History of East Grinstead published in 1906.

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