The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
John Rowe
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John Rowe, a most able lawyer and antiquary, described by one writer as "The Father of Sussex Archaeology". His father was John Rowe, of Tonbridge, and his mother was the daughter and co-heiress of Thomas Drew, of East Grinstead. He was born in 1560 and became principal of Clifford's Inn. He died on November 27th, 1639, and was buried at St. Anne's, Lewes. For a quarter of a century he was Steward to Lord Abergavenny, and while so acting made a vast collection of manuscripts relating to the manorial history of Sussex, and a copy of this, ornamented with the arms of the owners of the Manors, was for a long time kept at the Hermitage, East Grinstead, and a duplicate is preserved in the British Museum. His daughter Anne married Edward Raynes, of Lewes and Conyboro', which marriage resulted in an only daughter, Susanna, who became the wife, on August 15th, 1672, of Thomas Medley, of Buxted, ancestor, through female lines, of the present Earl of Liverpool.

See also The History of East Grinstead published in 1906.
27th Nov 1639
27th Nov 1639
At St. Anne in the Parish of Lewes, Sussex

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Row, Rowe individual records

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