The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Henry Card, son of Frank Card, fly proprietor and Jane Card [Jeffery]
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In the Parish of Tunbridge Wells, Kent
1871 Census

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Card, Carde, Cardy family records
The ancestral pedigree of Henry Card
 Stephen Card
m: c 1831Mary 
 b: 1809 Bidborough, Kent  b: 1811 Penshurst, Kent
 Stephen Ellen Amos Richard William George Frank Edwin 
 b: 1833 Penshurst, Kent b: 1834 Penshurst, Kent
ch: 1st Jun 1834 St. John the Baptist
 b: 1836 Penshurst, Kent
ch: 6th Nov 1836 St. John the Baptist
 b: 1838 Penshurst, Kent
ch: 19th Aug 1838 St. John the Baptist
 b: 1842 Bidborough, Kent b: 1845 Bidborough, Kent b: 1847 Speldhurst, Kent
ch: 7th Feb 1847 St. Mary's Church
Grandfather record
 Frank Card
fly proprietor
m: 6th Nov 1860 St. Peter's Church, Southborough, KentJane Jeffery 
 b: 1845 Bidborough, Kent  b: 1840 Tonbridge, Kent
 Frank Jane George Henry Thomas C. Harriet E. Charlotte A. 
 b: 1861 Tunbridge Wells, Kent b: 1862 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1865 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1867 Tunbridge Wells, Kent b: 1869 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1871 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1873 Tonbridge, Kent 
Parental record

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