The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Reverend Anthony Saunders, D.D.
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Anthony Saunders, D.D., during his period as Rector of Buxted, was a considerable benefactor to that parish and to Uckfield. He established the free-school at Uckfield for the education of a limited number of boys belonging to Buxted and Uckfield and he established a girls school in Buxted. He gave lands and tenements to financially support these establishments.

See also The Worthies of Sussex by M.A. Lower published in 1865 and Brookers Guide and Directory published in 1888.
Horsfield's Sussex
1673 to 1719
At St. Margaret's Church in the Parish of Buxted, Sussex; Occupation Rector of Buxted
Buxted The Beautiful
31st Oct 1718
Brooker's Guide
by his will …… Dr Anthony Saunders provided for the gratuitous education of twelve boys, six of Buxted and six of Uckfield; and bequeathed his library to it, for the use of the schoolmaster and scholars for the time being.
7th Jan 1719
Horsfield's Sussex

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Saunder, Saunders, Sander, Sanders, Sandors, Saundes, Saunere family records

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