The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Frederick Gibbons, son of William Gibbons, land steward and Hester Gibbons [Marchant]
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In the County of Kent
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11th Feb 1855
In the County of Kent
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25th Sep 1883
Elizabeth Avis at St. Michael's Church in the Parish of Withyham, Sussex
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Batch M15201-3

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Gibbs, Gibbens, Gibbins, Gibbon, Gibbons individual records
The ancestral pedigree of Frederick Gibbons
 Robert Gibbonsm: 25th Jan 1818 Ightham, KentLouisa Hooker 
 b: c 1790  b: c 1790
 Louisa Edward Robert John William Anne Spencer Richard 
 b: 1818 Ightham, Kent
ch: 14th Dec 1818
 b: 1820 Ightham, Kent
ch: 29th Feb 1820
 b: 1821 Ightham, Kent
ch: 27th Jul 1821
 b: 1823 Ightham, Kent
ch: 5th Feb 1823
 b: 1824 Ightham, Kent
ch: 12th Dec 1824
 b: 1827 Ightham, Kent
ch: 21st Oct 1827
 b: 1831 Ightham, Kent
ch: 20th May 1831
Grandfather record
 William Gibbons
land steward
m: 16th Feb 1854 St. Mary's Church, Hartfield, SussexHester Marchant 
 b: 1824 Ightham, Kent
ch: 12th Dec 1824
  b: 1822 Chiddingstone, Kent
 Frederick Charles Percy Alice Lelia 
 b: 1855 Kent
ch: 11th Feb 1855
 b: 1856 Fletching, Sussex
ch: 7th Dec 1856 St Andrew & St Mary Church
 b: 1858 Fletching, Sussex
ch: 27th Jun 1858 St Andrew & St Mary Church
 b: 1862 Fletching, Sussex
ch: 2nd Nov 1862 St Andrew & St Mary Church
Parental record
 Frederick Gibbonsm: 25th Sep 1883 St. Michael's Church, Withyham, SussexElizabeth Avis 
 b: 1855 Kent
ch: 11th Feb 1855
 b: 1854 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 12th Nov 1854 St. Michael's Church
Family record

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