The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
George Fry, railway constable, son of George Fry, innkeeper and farmer and Mary Fry [Penfold]
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19th Nov 1819
In the Parish of Goudhurst, Kent
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c 1840
Rebecca .....
30th Mar 1851
At Church Settle Farm in the Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex; Head; occupation: railway constable
1851 Census
Wadhurst, Sussex
3rd Apr 1881
At Tutts Farm in the Parish of Ticehurst, Sussex; George Fry, M, Head, married, age 61, born Sandhurst, Kent; occupation: farmer of 40 acres employing 1 man
1881 Census
Ticehurst, Sussex
5th Apr 1891
At Stonegate Post Office in the Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex; George Fry, M, Head, married, age 71, born Goudhurst, Kent; occupation: sub postmaster
1891 Census
Ticehurst, Sussex

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Fry, Fray, Fre, Frie, Frye, ffrie family records
The ancestral pedigree of George Fry, railway constable
 John Frym: c 1715Anne 
 b: c 1695  b: c 1695
Mary  Sarah John James Daniel William Edward Edward 
b: 1718 Pembury, Kent
ch: 1st Mar 1718 St. Peter's Church
  b: 1722 Pembury, Kent
ch: 7th Apr 1722 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1723 Pembury, Kent
ch: 16th May 1723 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1725 Pembury, Kent
ch: 18th Jul 1725 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1726 Pembury, Kent
ch: 18th Dec 1726 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1729 Pembury, Kent
ch: 27th Apr 1729 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1733 Pembury, Kent
ch: 13th Jan 1733 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1737 Pembury, Kent
ch: 5th Mar 1737 St. Peter's Church
  b: 1720 Pembury, Kent
ch: 5th Nov 1720 St. Peter's Church
 Daniel Frym: 16th Jun 1754 St. Peter's Church, Pembury, KentElisabeth Vorrel 
 b: 1726 Pembury, Kent
ch: 18th Dec 1726 St. Peter's Church
  b: c 1730
 George Daniel Elizabeth Thomas Anne Jane 
 b: c October 1754 Pembury, Kent
ch: 16th Oct 1754 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1758 Pembury, Kent
ch: 25th Jun 1758 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1761 Pembury, Kent
ch: 12th Feb 1761 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1762 Pembury, Kent
ch: 27th Jun 1762 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1766 Pembury, Kent
ch: 2nd Nov 1766 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1770 Pembury, Kent
ch: 27th May 1770 St. Peter's Church
  not marriedAnne Fry 
    b: 1766 Pembury, Kent
ch: 2nd Nov 1766 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1790 Pembury, Kent
ch: 4th Jul 1790 St. Peter's Church
 George Fry
innkeeper and farmer
m: 1st Aug 1819 St. Mary's Church, Speldhurst, KentMary Penfold 
 b: 1790 Pembury, Kent
ch: 4th Jul 1790 St. Peter's Church
  b: 1795 Goudhurst, Kent
George  Mary  Henry John Frederick Frances Caroline Elizabeth 
b: 19th Nov 1819 Goudhurst, Kent  b: 1824 Pembury, Kent
ch: 28th Mar 1824 St. Peter's Church
  b: 1827 Pembury, Kent
ch: 30th Dec 1827 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1830 Pembury, Kent
ch: 14th Mar 1830 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1833 Pembury, Kent
ch: 26th Aug 1833 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1836 Wadhurst, Sussex b: 1839 Wadhurst, Sussex b: 1841 Wadhurst, Sussex 
   Richard Thomas             
   b: 1822 Pembury, Kent
ch: 14th Apr 1822 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1826 Pembury, Kent
ch: 8th Jan 1826 St. Peter's Church
 George Fry
railway constable
m: c 1840Rebecca 
 b: 19th Nov 1819 Goudhurst, Kent b: 1818 Walthamstow, Essex

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