The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Dora Margaret Davis [Bickers], daughter of Harman George Bickers and Elsie Bickers [Harman]
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31st Dec 1930
In the Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
Fred Harman
13th Sep 1952
Harold Davis
Fred Harman
Nov 2003
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Fred Harman
Fred Harman

Elsie Harman, daughter of Frank and Doris Harman was born on 22nd December 1895 at Packhams Hill and was baptised in St. Denys parish church on 4th April 1896. On 11th March 1919 she married John Joseph Coomber a leading seaman in the Royal Navy who lived at Corner Cottage in Rotherfield. … Elsie married again to an educated rotter, Harman George Bickers and, on 31st December 1930, when her son Herbert Walter was eight years old, she bore twins who were named Dora Margaret and Edward Harman. … The events from 1943 when Harman George bickers deserted his children are certainly shrouded in mystery - a mystery which perhaps may never be solved.

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Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Bicker, Bickers individual records
Daveis, Daves, Davie, Davies, Davis, Daviss, Davys, Davies? individual records
The ancestral pedigree of Dora Margaret Davis [Bickers]
 Harman George Bickersm: 5th Jul 1930Elsie Harman 2nd marriage
 b: c 1895  b: 22nd Dec 1895 Packhams Hill, Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 4th Apr 1896 St. Denys Church
d: 27th May 1941 Corner Cottage, Rotherfield, Sussex
 Edward Harman Dora Margaret 
 b: 31st Dec 1930 Rotherfield, Sussex b: 31st Dec 1930 Rotherfield, Sussex 
 Harold Davism: 13th Sep 1952Dora Margaret Bickers 
 b: c 1930 b: 31st Dec 1930 Rotherfield, Sussex

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