The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Mary Baker, daughter of Joseph Baker and Mary Baker
In the Parish of Hever, Kent
1851 Census
8th Dec 1839
At St. Peter and St. Paul in the Parish of Edenbridge, Kent
Edenbridge Parish Registers

The ancestral pedigree of Mary Baker
 Henry Bakerm: c 1795Ann 
 b: c 1780  b: c 1780
 Joseph John Ann 
 b: 1803 Edenbridge, Kent
ch: 12th Jun 1803 St. Peter and St. Paul
 b: 1809 Edenbridge, Kent
ch: 8th Oct 1809 St. Peter and St. Paul
 b: 1815 Edenbridge, Kent
ch: 24th Sep 1815 St. Peter and St. Paul
Grandfather record
 Joseph Bakerm: c 1835Mary 
 b: 1803 Edenbridge, Kent
ch: 12th Jun 1803 St. Peter and St. Paul
  b: 1812 Lingfield, Surrey
William  Harriott  Joseph  Hester George Jane Abraham John 
b: 1838 Sevenoaks, Kent  b: 1842 Edenbridge, Kent  b: 1847 Edenbridge, Kent  b: 1850 Edenbridge, Kent b: 1853 Edenbridge, Kent b: 1856 Edenbridge, Kent b: 1859 Edenbridge, Kent b: 1860 Edenbridge, Kent 
   Mary Alfred  James            
   b: 1839 Hever, Kent
ch: 8th Dec 1839 St. Peter and St. Paul, Edenbridge, Kent
 b: 1844 Edenbridge, Kent  b: 1848 Edenbridge, Kent            
Parental record

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