The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
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Historical records

c 1795Holty Common, Sussex - c 1795Part of the 1 inch to 1 mile map of Sussex produced in 1795 by William Gardner and Thomas GreamWater Farm

6th Jun 1841CensusThomas Butcher, M, Head, age 30 to 34, born Sussex, occupation: farm labourerThomas Butcher, farm labourerLittle Water1841 Census
East Grinstead, Sussex
Susannah Butcher, F, [Wife], age 25 to 29Susan Butcher
Jane Butcher, F, [Daughter], age 8, born SussexJane Butcher
William Butcher, M, [Son], age 6, born SussexWilliam Butcher
James Butcher, M, [Son], age 3 months, born SussexJames Butcher

6th Jun 1841CensusWilliam Seal, M, Head, age 35 to 39, born Sussex; occupation Farm labourerWilliam SealLittle Water1841 Census
East Grinstead, Sussex
Charlotte Seal, F, [Wife], age 35 to 39Charlotte Seale [Chapman]
George Seal, M, [Son], age 13, born SussexGeorge Seal
George Seal, M, [Son], age 13, born SussexHarriet Seal
Hannah Seal, F, [Daughter], age 11, born SussexHannah Seal
Richard Seal, M, [Son], age 9, born SussexRichard Seal
Sarah Seal, F, [Daughter], age 7, born SussexSarah Turner [Underwood] [Seal]
Eliza Seal, F, [Daughter], age 5, born SussexEliza Page [Seal]
Francis Seal, M, [Son], age 2, born SussexFrancis Seal

30th Mar 1851CensusHead; occupation: farmerEdward Jenden, farmerLittle Water1851 Census
East Grinstead, Sussex
WifeAnn Jenden
Daughter; occupation: servantEllen Jenden
Daughter; occupation: scholarEliza Jenden
Son; occupation: scholarHenry Jenden
SonAlfred Jenden
Servant; widowed; occupation: farm labourerRichard Turner
Visitor; widowed; occupation: annuitantMary Day
Servant; occupation: servantEllen Hills
Servant; occupation CARTER'S MATEEdward Simmons
Servant; occupation: farm labourerJacob Heasman, farm labourer

30th Mar 1851CensusHead; occupation: farm labourerHenry Tester, farm labourerRoad To Water Farm1851 Census
East Grinstead, Sussex
WifeLucy Tester [Brett]
DaughterSarah Tester
Son; occupation: farm labourerThomas Tester, labourer

3rd Apr 1881CensusWalter Coomber, M, Head, married, age 36, born East Grinstead, occupation: labourerWalter Coomber, labourerWater Cottages1881 Census
East Grinstead, Sussex
Eliza Coomber, F, Wife, married, age 40, born East GrinsteadEliza Coomber
Dennis Coomber, M, Son, age 14, born East GrinsteadDennis Coomber
Garge Coomber, M, Son, age 13, born East GrinsteadGarge Coomber
Walter Coomber, M, Son, age 11, born East GrinsteadWalter Coomber
Charles Coomber, M, Son, age 10, born East GrinsteadCharles Coomber
Raymond Coomber, M, Son, age 6, born East GrinsteadRaymond Coomber
John Coomber, M, Son, age 5, born East GrinsteadJohn Coomber
Eliza Coomber, F, Daughter, age 11 m, born East GrinsteadEliza Coomber

3rd Apr 1881CensusWilliam Backshall, M, Head, married, age 37, born Balcombe, occupation: carterWilliam Backshall, carterWater Cottages1881 Census
East Grinstead, Sussex
Eliza Backshall, F, Wife, married, age 36, born HartfieldEliza Backshall
Ellen Backshall, F, Daughter, age 10, born Balcombe, occupation: scholarEllen Backshall
George Backshall, M, Son, age 8, born Surrey, occupation: scholarGeorge Backshall
Frank Backshall, M, Son, age 5, born East Grinstead, occupation: scholarFrank Backshall
Kate Backshall, F, Daughter, age 4, born East GrinsteadKate Backshall
Ann Backshall, F, Daughter, age 2, born East GrinsteadAnn Backshall
William Backshall, M, Son, age 1, born East GrinsteadWilliam Backshall

3rd Apr 1881CensusJames Brown, M, Head, married, age 49, born Hartfield; occupation: labourerJames Brown, labourerWater Cottages1881 Census
East Grinstead, Sussex
Sarah Brown, F, Wife, married, age 50, born Hartfield; occupation: charwomanSarah Brown [Jenner]
Amelia Brown, F, Daughter, single, age 18, born HartfieldJohn Brown, labourer
Anne Jenner, F, Granddaughter, single, age 10, born HartfieldAnne Jenner

3rd Apr 1881CensusThomas Tester, M, Head, married, age 69, born East Grinstead; occupation: labourerThomas Tester, farm labourerLower Water Cottage1881 Census
East Grinstead, Sussex
Sarah Tester, F, Wife, married, age 63, born East GrinsteadSarah Croft
Mary Ann Tester, F, Daughter, single, age 18, born East GrinsteadMary Ann Tester
William L. Lecaunt, M, Nurse Child, age 7, born LondonWilliam L. Lecaunt

5th Apr 1891CensusThomas Tester, M, Head, married, age 28, born Bexhill, Sussex; occupation: labourerThomas Tester, labourerWater Farm1891 Census
East Grinstead, Sussex
Sarah Tester, F, Wife, married, age 73, born Brightling, SussexSarah Tester
William Le Conte, M, Nephew, single, age 17, born Soho Square, London; occupation: carterWilliam Le Conte

c 1899Shovelstrode Farm, Sussex - c 1899Part of the 6 inch to 1 mile map of Sussex produced in 1899 by Ordnance SurveyLittle Water Farm

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