The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Post Office    Danehill  Fletching  
Historical records

1867Directory entryWhite Henry, farmer, grocer & draper and post officepost officePost Office Directory
POST & MONEY ORDER OFFICE & POST OFFICE SAVINGS BANK, Dane Hill. - Henry White postmaster. Letters arrive from Uckfield at 9.25 a.m.; Dispatched at 5.10 p.m

1882Directory entryGrover Isaac, postmaster;, post officepost officeKelly's Directory
POST, MONEY ORDER & TELEGRAPH OFFICE & Savings Bank, Dane Hill. Isaac Grover, postmaster. Letters arrive from Uckfield at 9.15a.m.; dispatched at 5 p.m.; sundays, arrive at 9.15 a.m.; dispatched at 9.55 a.m.

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