The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Gas Works    Bell Street [Bell Banks Road]  Hailsham  
Historical records

3rd Apr 1881CensusAlfred Dawson, M, Head, married, age 54, born Ewhurst, Sussex; occupation: gas managerAlfred Dawson, gas managerGas Works1881 Census
Hailsham, Sussex
Elizth. Dawson, F, Wife, married, age 51, born Wartling, SussexElizth. Dawson
Rosina Dawson, F, Daughter, age 14, born Hailsham, Sussex; occupation: dressmakerRosina Dawson
Ellen Dawson, F, Daughter, single, age 29, born St Leonards, Sussex; occupation: domestic cook (out of place)Ellen Dawson
Arthur Dawson, M, Grandson, age 2, born Dartford, KentArthur Dawson

3rd Apr 1881CensusLucas R. Bingham, M, Head, married, age 39, born St Johns Common, Sussex; occupation: groomLucas R. Bingham, groomNear Gas Works1881 Census
Hailsham, Sussex
Harriett Bingham, F, Wife, married, age 35, born East Grinstead, SussexHarriett Bingham
Elizth. Bingham, F, Daughter, age 13, born Hailsham, Sussex; occupation: domestic servantElizth. Bingham
Henry Bingham, M, Son, age 10, born Hailsham, Sussex; occupation: scholarHenry Bingham
John Bingham, M, Son, age 8, born Hailsham, Sussex; occupation: scholarJohn Bingham
Fredc. G. Bingham, M, Son, age 6, born Hailsham, Sussex; occupation: scholarFredc. G. Bingham
Flora Bingham, F, Daughter, age 4, born Hailsham, SussexFlora Bingham
Rosina Bingham, F, Daughter, age 1, born Hailsham, SussexRosina Bingham

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