The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
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Historical records

c 1795Buxted, Sussex - c 1795Part of the 1 inch to 1 mile map of Sussex produced in 1795 by William Gardner and Thomas GreamBlackhouse Farm

6th Jun 1841CensusObadiah Waters, M, Head, age 20 to 24, born Sussex; occupation FarmerObadiah WatersBlack House1841 Census
Maresfield, Sussex
6th Jun 1841CensusMary Waters, F, [Wife], age 20 to 24, born SussexMary Waters
6th Jun 1841CensusSamuel Davy, M, age 14, born Sussex; occupation: servantSamuel Davy

6th Jun 1841CensusWilliam Horscraft, M, Head, age 25 to 29, born Sussex; occupation Farm labourerWilliam Horscraft, gardenerBlack House1841 Census
Maresfield, Sussex
6th Jun 1841CensusTamar Horscraft, F, [Wife], age 20 to 24, born SussexTamar Horscraft [Fry]
6th Jun 1841CensusWilliam Horscraft, M, [Son], age 1, born SussexWilliam Horscraft

27th Jul 1845BirthMary Anne Bagley [Brooker]Blackhouse FarmRoy Boydell's records

6th Sep 1847BirthJohn Brooker, painterBlackhouse FarmRoy Boydell's records

1851Bleething, JessieJesse Breething, brick makerBlack House FarmPost Office Directory

30th Mar 1851CensusHead, widowed, occupation: farmerJesse Breething, brick makerBlack House1851 Census
Maresfield, Sussex
30th Mar 1851CensusSonEbenezer Breething
30th Mar 1851CensusSonJoseph Breething
30th Mar 1851CensusServant; occupation House ServantAnn Standford
30th Mar 1851CensusNephew; occupation Farm labourerEdward Stoner
30th Mar 1851CensusNiece; occupation House ServantMary Stoner

30th Mar 1851CensusHead; occupation: wheelwrightHenry Brooker, wheelwrightBlack House1851 Census
Maresfield, Sussex
30th Mar 1851CensusWifeSusanna Brooker [Knight]
30th Mar 1851CensusDaughterMary Anne Bagley [Brooker]
30th Mar 1851CensusSonJohn Brooker, painter
30th Mar 1851CensusSonJames Saxby Brooker
30th Mar 1851CensusSonTimothy Brooker
30th Mar 1851CensusServant; occupation: house servantMary Marchant

30th Mar 1851CensusHead; occupation: tannerThomas Mew, tannerBlack House Cottage1851 Census
Maresfield, Sussex
30th Mar 1851CensusWifeHarriett Mew
30th Mar 1851CensusSonSeth Mew
30th Mar 1851CensusSonLevi Mew
30th Mar 1851CensusLodgerJohn M. Brooker

1867Directory entryWhitewood Mr. John, Black houseBlack housePost Office Directory

1867Directory entryWhitewood John, land & estate agent, Black house, Black HouseBlack HousePost Office Directory

c 1875Ringles Cross, Budlett's Common & Coopers Green, South of Maresfield - c 1875Part of the 6 inch to 1 mile map of Sussex produced in 1875 by Ordnance SurveyBlackhouse Farm

3rd Apr 1881CensusStephen Kenward, M, Head, married, age 37, born Buxted; occupation: farm labourerStephen KenwardBlackhouse1881 Census
Maresfield, Sussex
3rd Apr 1881CensusHarriet Kenward, F, Wife, married, age 29, born MaresfieldHarriet Kenward
3rd Apr 1881CensusThomas Kenward, M, Son, age 8, born Maresfield; occupation: scholarThomas Kenward
3rd Apr 1881CensusStephen Kenward, M, Son, age 6, born Maresfield; occupation: scholarStephen Kenward
3rd Apr 1881CensusGeorge Kenward, M, Son, age 4, born MaresfieldGeorge Kenward
3rd Apr 1881CensusAlfred Kenward, M, Son, age 2, born MaresfieldAlfred Kenward

3rd Apr 1881CensusAlbert West, M, Head, married, age 21, born Maresfield; occupation Farm labourerAlbert West, farm labourerBlackhouse1881 Census
Maresfield, Sussex
3rd Apr 1881CensusRuth West, F, Wife, married, age 20, born FramfieldRuth West [Morris]
3rd Apr 1881CensusEsther West, F, Daughter, age 5 m, born MaresfieldEsther West

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