The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
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Historical records

6th Jun 1841CensusWilliam Mitchell, M, Head, age 25 to 29, born Sussex; occupation: gardenerWilliam Mitchell, gardenerGrove1841 Census
Maresfield, Sussex
6th Jun 1841CensusSarah Mitchell, F, [Wife], age 25 to 29, born SussexSarah Ann Mitchell [Grayling]
6th Jun 1841CensusWilliam Mitchell, M, [Son], age 2, born SussexWilliam Mitchell
6th Jun 1841CensusSabina Mitchell, F, [Daughter], age 1, born SussexSabina Mitchell
6th Jun 1841CensusGeorge Mitchell, M, [Relation], age 15 to 19, born Sussex; occupation: farm labourerGeorge Mitchell
6th Jun 1841CensusSelina Grayling, F, age 20 to 24, born SussexSelina Grayling
6th Jun 1841CensusEllen Guy, F, age 10, born Sussex; occupation: servantEllen Guy

30th Mar 1851CensusHead; occupation: gardenerWilliam Mitchell, gardenerGrove1851 Census
Maresfield, Sussex
30th Mar 1851CensusWifeSarah Ann Mitchell [Grayling]
30th Mar 1851CensusSon; occupation: scholarWilliam Mitchell
30th Mar 1851CensusDaughter; occupation: scholarSabina Mitchell
30th Mar 1851CensusDaughter; occupation: scholarLouisa Mitchell
30th Mar 1851CensusDaughterEmily Mitchell
30th Mar 1851CensusSonAlfred G. Mitchell
30th Mar 1851CensusDaughterSelina Mitchell

3rd Apr 1881CensusEdwin Thomas, M, Head, married, age 48, born Shropshire; occupation GardenerEdwin ThomasGrove Cottage1881 Census
Maresfield, Sussex
3rd Apr 1881CensusSarah Thomas, F, Wife, married, age 48, born ShropshireSarah Thomas
3rd Apr 1881CensusEdwin C. Thomas, M, Son, single, age 14, born WalesEdwin C. Thomas
3rd Apr 1881CensusAnnie E. Thomas, F, Daughter, single, age 11, born ShropshireAnnie E. Thomas
3rd Apr 1881CensusEdward F. Thomas, M, Son, age 8, born ShropshireEdward F. Thomas

3rd Apr 1881CensusWilliam Butcher, M, Head, married, age 60, born Horsted Keynes, occupation: farm labourerWilliam Butcher, farm labourerGrove1881 Census
Maresfield, Sussex
3rd Apr 1881CensusMary Butcher, F, Wife, married, age 49, born Horsted KeynesMary Butcher
3rd Apr 1881CensusAlfred Butcher, M, Son, single, age 23, born Maresfield, occupation: farm labourerAlfred Butcher
3rd Apr 1881CensusJohn Butcher, M, Son, single, age 18, born Maresfield, occupation: farm labourerJohn Butcher
3rd Apr 1881CensusCharles Butcher, M, Son, single, age 14, born Maresfield, occupation: farm labourerCharles Butcher
3rd Apr 1881CensusGeorge Butcher, M, Son, age 12, born Maresfield, occupation: scholarGeorge Butcher
3rd Apr 1881CensusWilliam Jun. Butcher, M, Lodger, married, age 36, born Maresfield, occupation: farm labourerWilliam Jun. Butcher

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