The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
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Historical records

3rd Apr 1881CensusGeo. Morley, M, Head, married, age 52, born Wilton, Norfolk; occupation: bricklayerGeore Morley, bricklayer1 Norfolk Place1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Sarah J. Morley, F, Wife, married, age 50, born St Mary Cray, KentSarah J. Morley [Skinner]
Geo. Morley, M, Son, single, age 27, born Sidcup, Kent; occupation: bricklayerGeorge Morley
Hy. W. Morley, M, Son, single, age 19, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation: bricklayerHenry W. Morley
John R. Morley, M, Son, single, age 10, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation: scholarJohn R. Morley
Jas. A. Morley, M, Son, age 6, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation: scholarJames A. Morley
Maria Skinner, F, Sister in law, single, age 32, born Foots Cray, Kent; occupation: visitorMaria Skinner

3rd Apr 1881CensusGeo. Presbury, M, Head, married, age 46, born Enfield, Middlesex; occupation GardenerGeorge Presbury3 Norfolk Place1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Rebck. Presbury, F, Wife, married, age 38, born Hunton, KentRebecca Presbury
Geo. H. Presbury, M, Son, age 8, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation ScholarGeorge H. Presbury
Herbt. Presbury, M, Son, age 6, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation ScholarHerbert Presbury
Arthur W. Presbury, M, Son, age 1, born Sevenoaks, KentArthur W. Presbury
Louisa Presbury, F, Daughter, age 13, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation ScholarLouisa Presbury
Emily Presbury, F, Daughter, age 11, born Sevenoaks, KentEmily Presbury
Alice Presbury, F, Daughter, age 10, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation ScholarAlice Presbury
Ellen Presbury, F, Daughter, age 4, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation ScholarEllen Presbury

3rd Apr 1881CensusWm. Chapman, M, Head, widowed, age 43, born Sevenoaks, Kent, occupation: bricklayerWilliam Chapman, bricklayer4 Norfolk Place1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Jas. Chapman, M, Son, single, age 17, born Sevenoaks, Kent, occupation: bricklayerJames Chapman
Geo. Chapman, M, Son, age 15, born Sevenoaks, Kent, occupation: errand boyGeorge Chapman
Frank Chapman, M, Son, age 12, born Sevenoaks, Kent, occupation: scholarFrank Chapman
Chas. Chapman, M, Son, age 10, born Sevenoaks, Kent, occupation: scholarCharles Chapman
Arthur Chapman, M, Son, age 7, born Sevenoaks, Kent, occupation: scholarArthur Chapman

3rd Apr 1881CensusM. A. Pilcher, F, Head, married, age 37, born Sevenoaks, KentM. A. Pilcher4 Norfolk Place1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Thos. Pilcher, M, Son, age 14, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation Errand BoyThomas Pilcher
Geo. Pilcher, M, Son, age 9, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation ScholarGeorge Pilcher
Wm. Allan, M, Boarder, age 35, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation: labourerWilliam Allan
Edith Davis, F, Nurse Child, age 1, born Sevenoaks, KentEdith Davis

3rd Apr 1881CensusEnoch W. Quinnell, M, Head, married, age 24, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation Carpenter and JoinerEnoch W. Quinnell5 Norfolk Place1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Lily M. Quinnell, F, Wife, married, age 22, born Brenchley, KentLily M. Quinnell
Ethel M. Quinnell, F, Daughter, age 2, born Sevenoaks, KentEthel M. Quinnell
Ellen E. Quinnell, F, Daughter, age 7 m, born Sevenoaks, KentEllen E. Quinnell

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