The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
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Historical records

3rd Apr 1881CensusWilliam Everest, M, Head, married, age 38, born Tun Wells, Kent; occupation: cabinet maker and upholstererWilliam Everest, cabinet maker and upholstererNo 1 Mr Weares Cottages1881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Eliza Ann Everest, F, Wife, married, age 39, born Wadhurst, SussexEliza Ann Everest
Mary A. Everest, F, Daughter, age 8, born Wadhurst, Sussex; occupation: scholarMary A. Everest
Florence P. Everest, F, Daughter, age 6, born Tun Wells, Kent; occupation: scholarFlorence P. Everest

3rd Apr 1881CensusHenry Latter, M, Head, married, age 29, born Tun Wells, Kent; occupation: bricklayer's labourerHenry Latter, bricklayer's labourerNo 2 Mr Weares Cottages1881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Sophia Latter, F, Wife, married, age 22, born Tun Wells, KentSophia Elizabeth Latter [Debb]
Jane Latter, F, Daughter, age 9, born Tun Wells, KentJane Latter
Katherine Debb, F, Mother in law, widowed, age 42, born SouthboroughKatherine Debb

3rd Apr 1881CensusJohn Fermor, M, Head, married, age 31, born Hamsell Town; occupation: sawyerJohn Fermor, sawyerNo 3 Mr Weares Cottages1881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Jane Fermor, F, Wife, married, age 22, born Tun WellsJane Fermor
James Fermor, M, Son, age 4, born Withyham, SussexJames Fermor

3rd Apr 1881CensusGeorge Manklow, M, Head, married, age 41, born Tunbridge Wells; occupation: coachmanGeorge Manktellow, coachmanNo 4 Mr Weares Cottages1881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Caroline Manklow, F, Wife, married, age 42, born CanterburyCaroline Manklow [Shoobridge]
William Manklow, M, Son, single, age 17, born Tun WellsWilliam Manklow
Clara Manklow, F, Daughter, age 13, born Tun Wells; occupation: scholarClara Manklow
Harry Manklow, M, Son, age 11, born Tun Wells; occupation: scholarHarry Manklow
Albert Manklow, M, Son, age 3, born Tun WellsAlbert Manklow
Emily Manklow, F, Daughter, age 5 m, born Tun WellsEmily Manklow

3rd Apr 1881CensusWilliam Floyd, M, Head, married, age 27, born Pembury, Kent; occupation: gardenerWilliam Floyd, gardenerNo 5 Mr Weares Cottages1881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Lucy E. Floyd, F, Wife, married, age 25, born Tunbridge, KentLucy E. Floyd
William Floyd, M, Son, age 10 m, born Tun Wells, KentWilliam Floyd
Mary A. Christmas, F, Lodger, married, age 60, born (BS), France; occupation: knitting fancy workMary A. Christmas

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