The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
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Historical records

5th Apr 1891CensusLouisa Williams, F, Head, single, age 32, born St Saviours, Surrey; occupation: Matron to Girls' HomeLouisa WilliamsThe Haven1891 Census
Ticehurst, Sussex
Ellen Cox, F, Servant, single, age 23, born Adderbury Grounds, Oxfordshire; occupation: submatron to girls' homeEllen Cox
Florence Pritchard, F, single, age 12, born N/KFlorence Pritchard
Lizzie Rowlands, F, single, age 8, born Monmouth, WalesLizzie Rowlands
Henrietta Huckeroth, F, single, age 12, born Fairclough St. E., LondonHenrietta Huckeroth
Alice Durbridge, F, single, age 15, born Bethnal Green, LondonAlice Durbridge
Kate Busby, F, single, age 16, born Southwark, LondonKate Busby
Florence Bliss, F, single, age 11, born Stepney, LondonFlorence Bliss
Maud Austin, F, single, age 12, born New Cross, LondonMaud Austin
Millie Roper, F, single, age 2, born Paddington, LondonMillie Roper
Adelaide Clintworth, F, single, age 11, born LiverpoolAdelaide Clintworth
Maria Nye, F, single, age 16, born Mile End, LondonMaria Nye
Sarah Hughes, F, single, age 15, born Bethnal Green, LondonSarah Hughes

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