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Historical records

1881HistoryNew Grammer SchoolBrooker's Guide
The College and High School is situated in the New Town, about 3 minutes walk from the Railway Station, on the right of the road leading to Lewes and Brighton. It occupies an elevated and beautiful position on a small plateau of about four and a half acres in extent, and is approached from the main road by two gradually ascending drives flanked by grassy slopes and tiers of shrubs ; there is also an entrance from the lane on the N. side. A more agreeable and healthy place for a school could hardly be found, for here fresh invigorating breezes generally prevail, and the fortunate youth while revelling in contests and games can enjoy a magnificent view of railway and town, woodland and park, hills and fertile plains, water and meadow, in rich variety. …… The buildings include class rooms, library, a gymnasium replete with apparatus, dining-hall, kitchen, &c., and spacious workshops, besides which a large and attractive residence, a sanatorium, baths, and school-chapel, are now in course of construction. The school, which was established in 1881, provides a thorough education, in conformity with broad and elevated principles and evangelical truths, and affords to the ever expanding thought and faculties of youth a broad but carefully tended area for development, entirely free from the dwarfing and crippling influence of dogmatic, sectarian, or political aims ……

1882Directory entryWilliamson Frank, New Grammar school, New townNew Grammar school, New townKelly's Directory
National School, built in 1850, for 250 children ; with an average attendance of 225; it has a small endowment, derived from a sum of £100 in 3 Per Cent. Consols, bequeathed by Lady Catherine J. V. Harcourt in 1879; 8 children are also educated free on the Copwood charity of £5 yearly, left by Dorothy Ellis, in June, 1736; William Rollison, master; Mrs. Jane Rollison, work-mistress ; Miss Alice Venus, infants' mistress

1882Directory entryWilliamson Frank, New Grammar school, New townNew Grammar school, New townKelly's Directory

1882Directory entryNew Grammer SchoolKelly's Directory
Here is a Grammar school, founded about the year 1690 hy Dr. Anthony Saunders, rector of Buxted-cum-Uckfield, vicar of Acton, in Middlesex, treasurer of St. Paul's and chaplain to Archbishop Sheldon: by his will, dated October 31st, 1718, he provided for the gratuitous education of twelve boys, six of Buxted and six of Uckfield : and bequeathed his library to his school thus founded, for the use of the schoolmaster and scholars for the time being: : for the support of the school he gave about 14 acres of land in Uckfield, together with a payment of £10, charged on the Rocks farm, in Buxted : this has lately been made the subject of a new scheme by the Endowed Schools Commissioners, and new school buildings have been erected, with excellent provision for boarders: this school is at present closed for an indeterminate period and the free scholars are for the time being educated at the New Grammar school in New Town, with the consent of the Charity Commissioners: the income of this charity in 1808 was £74 yearly.

1888Directory entryNew Grammer SchoolBrooker's Guide
College and High School
Head-Master, Mr. F. Williamson, (London University) Durham House, New Town.

c 1920Grammar SchoolGrammar School, UckfieldPrivate collection

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