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1888Brooker's Guide and Directory for Uckfield and District ⇒ p. 8

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3rd Jan 1887HistoryThe Holly Bush Coffe Tavern HallBrooker's Guide
The red-brick building, which he next passes is the Uckfield Institute. This establishment, with which is combined a Coffee Tavern known as the 'Holly Bush', was opened to members and the public respectively on Monday, Jan. 3rd, 1887. It is the outcome of an agitation for better accommodation, raised by the Committee of the old Temperance Hall. The building was erected by Messrs. Tyhurst & Son, for Mr. R. J. Streatfeild, from the designs of Mr. Harry Scarlett, it is only fair to say that the plans were, for urgent reasons, materially altered while the building was in progress. The accommodation consists of a dining or refreshment room for the use of the general public ; a kitchen, in which the manufacture of soup takes place during the winter months ; a reading room, which is liberally supplied with current literature, chess, draughts and various other games, and the large entertainment room on the same floor, which is capable of holding 150 people. This is provided with a platform for stage plays, concerts, etc., and when not in use for these purposes, is furnished with a billiard and a bagatelle table for the use of members. The Church of England Temperance Society have the right to the use of the whole Institute one evening in each week for meetings, entertainments, etc., but as a rule it is occupied for these purposes only once a fortnight, and that in the winter. The entertainments given have generally been of a good class and have attracted crowded houses.

1888Directory entryBellingham, Charles, Holly Bush coffee tavernHolly Bush coffee tavernBrooker's Guide

1888Directory entryThe Holly Bush Coffe Tavern HallBrooker's Guide
Institute - At The Holly Bush, near the Bridge. Membership, Annual or Monthly. President, R. J. Streatfeild, Esq. Vice-Presidents, G. W. Adair, Esq., and Rev. E. Sanderson. Guarantors (for three years), G. W. Adair, Esq., Rev. H. P. Betts, Gen. Clarke, C.B., John A. Day, Esq., Mrs. Fanshawe, Herbert Carey Hardy, Esq., E. O. Langham, Esq., Rev. E. Sanderson, Major B. Shiffner, P. B. Simeon, Esq., Harry Scarlett, Esq. (Sec. to Guarantors). Treasurer and Secretary, pro tem., H. Scarlett, Esq.

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