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1888Brooker's Guide and Directory for Uckfield and District ⇒ p. 10

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1877HistoryThe Public HallBrooker's Guide
After passing the White Rails, the visitor will arrive at the Public Hall, a building of some pretention, erected in 1877, from plans prepared by Mr. Robert Wheeler, architect, of Tunbridge Wells. It is the property of a public company, promoted principally by the magistrates of the Uckfield Bench, who desired to procure better accommodation for the petty sessions than was obtainable at the Maiden's Head Hotel, where the sittings had been held for many years. The building is of pleasing elevation, with indented portico, having three Gothic arches in colored brick and stone, supported by two columns with carved capitols. There are two entrances, one for carriages, which is on the north side, and the other on the east side, approached by a flight of steps, on each side of which is a terrace planted with shrubs and enclosed by an iron railing. The cost of the building, with fittings and furniture, was about £2000. The large hall is capable of seating 300 persons.

1888Directory entryThe Public HallBrooker's Guide
Public Hall
The Public Hall Company was established in 1877. The large Hall, which seats 300 people, is available for public meetings, balls, concerts, &c., and there are smaller rooms for committee and other meetings. Chairman of Directors, F. Barchard, Esq. Secretary, Mr. G. Earl, Framfield Road.
Musical Society (Uckfield & District)
During winter private Concerts are given at the Public Hall to members and friends. Membership is of two classes, Honorary and Singing. President, Rev. E. Sanderson. Treasurer, Genl. Clarke, C.B. Hon. Conductor, Sir. Henry R. Revely, Organist of Parish Church, Grant's Hill. Hon. Secretary and Collector, Mr. W. Reeves, North View, Framfield road. Practice at the Parochial Schools.

1888Directory entryThe Public HallBrooker's Guide
Conservative Club
Established 1886. Club House adjoining Public Hall. open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. on weekdays only. Chairman of Committee, J. A. Day, Esq. J.P. Hon. Secretary, Mr. Chas. Norman, Belle Vise. Hon. Treasurer, Mr. Chas. Cheesman.

c 1899Uckfield, Sussex - c 1899Part of the 6 inch to 1 mile map of Sussex produced in 1899 by Ordnance SurveyPublic Hall

1905Public HallPublic Hall, UckfieldPrivate collection

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