The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Stone Cottage  High Street    Uckfield  
Historical records

30th Mar 1851CensusHead; occupation: farm labourerHenry Hemsley, farm labourerStone Cottage1851 Census
Uckfield, Sussex
WifeFrances Hemsley
Son; occupation: farm labourerHenry Hemsley

30th Mar 1851CensusHead; occupation: road labourerThomas Brooker, turnpike road labourerStone Cottage1851 Census
Uckfield, Sussex
WifeAnn Brooker [Damper]
DaughterSarah Brooker
[Grand]SonGeorge Brooker

3rd Apr 1881CensusRuben Goldsmith, M, Head, married, age 64, born Fletching; occupation: brick makerReuben Goldsmith, bricklayerStone Cottage1881 Census
Uckfield, Sussex
Fanny Goldsmith, F, Wife, married, age 58, born Little HorstedFanny Goldsmith [Farley]

3rd Apr 1881CensusFrank Hartley, M, Head, married, age 38, born Uckfield; occupation: farm labourerFrank HartleyStone Cottage1881 Census
Uckfield, Sussex
Ann Hartley, F, Wife, married, age 38, born UckfieldAnn Hartley
Henry Garrett, M, Son In Law, single, age 13, born Uckfield; occupation: errand boyHenry Garrett
Sarah Jane Hartley, F, Daughter, age 5, born UckfieldSarah Jane Hartley
John George Hartley, M, Son, age 4 m, born UckfieldJohn George Hartley

1888Directory entryWest, Gilbert, Stone cottage, Brown's laneStone cottage, Brown's laneBrooker's Guide

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