The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Crowborough Cross in 1907
Crowborough Cross in 1907
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The Mill, Crowborough Warren in 1910
The Mill, Crowborough Warren in 1910
In the spring of this year (1903) the walls and fences of Crowborough were covered with the placards of a firm of estate agents describing the neighbourhood as 'Scotland in Sussex'. The simile may be true of the Ashdown Forest side of the Beacon, but 'Hampstead in Sussex' would be a more accurate decription of Crowborough proper. Never was a fine remote hill so be-villa'd. The east slope is all scaffold poles and heaps of bricks, new churches and chapels are sprouting, and many hoardings announce that Follies, Pierrots, or conjurers are continually imminent. Crowborough itself has shops that would not disgrace Croydon, and a hotel where a Lord Mayor might feel at home. Houses in their own grounds are commoner than cottages, and near the summit the pegs of surveyors and the name-boards of avenues yet to be built testify to the charms which our Saxon Caledonia has already exerted.
extract from Highways and Byways in Sussex by E.V. Lucas
Crowborough is a town on the Forest Ridge, and was formed into an ecclesiatical parish on 19th September 1880 and into a civil parish on 1st April 1905 from the parish of Rotherfield. Crowborough also includes Crowborough Town (also known as Withyham St John's) - an ecclesiastical parish formed on December 1871 out of the parish of Withyham; Jarvis Brook which became part of Crowborough on 1st April 1905 and was formed into an ecclesiastical parish on 22nd March 1934; Boar's Head, Chapel Green; Crowborough Warren; Hurtis Hill; Palesgate; Southview; Steel Cross; Sweethaws and Whitehill. Crowborough is 42 miles south of London
Crowborough population1,8422,3993,6395,1485,8466,095
Withyham St Johns population
also known as Crowborough Town
The parish of Withyham St Johns was subsequently reallocated to Crowborough.

Crowborough is referred to in historical documents as Crohbergh, Crowbergh, Croweborowghe, Crowbarrow and Crowboro. Croh is the Old English 'croh', meaning saffron and denoting an golden-yellow colour and 'bergh' means hill. The high Crowborough Beacon would have been visible for miles around for its yellow gorse flowers and so the origin of the name Crowborough is probably 'a golden coloured hill'
Crowborough historical notes has been derived from the same sources to highlight Crowborough's key events in chronological order

Parish & other records Before

Books and other documents
Published Title, author and references
1766The History of Tunbridge Wells by Thomas Benge Burr ⇒ p. 261
1830Guide of Tunbridge Wells ⇒ p. 160; p. 161
1840New Guide for Tunbridge Wells by John Colbran and edited by James Phippen ⇒ p. 381
1870A Compendious History of Sussex - Volume I. by Mark Antony Lower, M.A.p. 125
1883Pelton's Illustrated Guide to Tunbridge Wells by J. Radford Thomson, M.A. ⇒ p. 185
1885Observations upon the Topogarphy and Climate of Crowborough Hill, Sussex by Dr Charles Leeson Princep. iv
1886Local Blue Book and Directory of East Sussex ⇒ p. 118
1890An Illustrated Guide to Crowborough by Boys Firmin ⇒ Book extract p. i
1902Historical Notes of Withyham, Hartfield and Ashdown Forest by C. N. Suttonp. 150
1904Highways and Byways in Sussex by E.V. Lucas ⇒ p. 301
1909English Homes and Villages (Kent & Sussex)
also published as
Tunbridge Wells and its Neighbourhood by Lady Hope ⇒ p. 101
1927The Sussex Highlands ⇒ p. 15
1933The Story of Crowbrough ⇒ Book
1950The History of Crowborough War Memorial Hospital by William Henry Hill ⇒ Pamphlet
1985Crowborough - The Growth of a Wealden Town by Malcolm Payne ⇒ Book
1985The Crowborough Warren Estate by Pamela Combes ⇒ p. 215
2004The Manor of Duddleswell by Colin J HobbsManor records
2004Historical Essays and Illustrations by Malcolm Payne, Dip. L. Hist. ⇒ Essay

People of note
Carlyle, Florence Emily
(1864 - 1923)
Doggett, George
(1796 - 1880)
Founder of Forest Fold Chapel
Doyle, Arthur Ignatius Conan
(1859 - 1930)
Fermor, Sir Henry
(1667 - 1734)
Crowborough's benefactor
Gilbert, George
(1741 - 1827)
The Apostle of Sussex
Haskins, Minnie Louise
(1875 - 1957)
Poet and welfare worker
Howis, Edward Frisby
(1774 - 1830)
Crowborough entrepreneur
Jefferies, [John] Richard
(1848 - 1887)
Author and Naturalist
Littleton, Ebenezer
(1831 - 1920)
Pastor of Forest Fold Chapel
Patmore, Coventry
(1823 - 1896)
Payne, Malcolm Roger
(1927 - 1997)
Crowborough's historian
Prince, Dr Charles Leeson
(1821 - 1899)
Surgeon, Author and Antiquarian
Scull, Walter Delaplaine
(1863 - 1915)
Gentleman, painter, story teller and writer
Stickells, Ambrose Henry
(1864 - 1940)
Warmington, Thomas
(1861 - 1899)
Headmaster of Fermor School
Wolfe, Emma Sarah
(1834 - 1910)

Picturesmore pictures 

Crowborough Chapel and School - 1744

South Front of Penns House in the Rocks near Stoneland - 1773

The North View of Walshes in the Parish of Rotherfield formerly belonging to Sir Henry Fermor Bt - 1773

A South West View of Penns Pocks from the Vale on the Meadow - 1785

South View of Penns Rock taken from the side of the Hill on the South with a distant View of Farm Houses - 1785

North East View of Penns Rocks taken from the lower part of the Meadow - 1785

Distant View of Penns Rocks from the field West of the Hop Ground - 1785

Crowborough Hill - 1838

St Johns Almshouse - c 1850

Penns Rocks - c 1850

High Street - 1885

Crowborough Observatory - c 1885

All Saints Church - 1890

Mill Pond, The Warren - 1890

Crowborough Maps

c 1724

c 1795

c 1825

c 1875

c 1899

Sussex Maps




1st Sept 1787




Places and properties in Crowborough - a directory of homes, farms, churches, schools, inns, and other places of interest that existed prior to 1900 has been compiled from Post Office directories, Kelly's directories, Trade directories, Census data, Ordnance survey maps and books of the period
Churches, Inns,
Schools, Shops
and other places of interest
All Saints Vicarage, Chapel Green
Boar's Head Inn, Boarshead
Boarshead Street Chapel, Boarshead
Bricklayers Arms, Whitehill
Christ Church, Beacon Road
Congregational Chapel, Jarvis Brook
Coopers Arms, St. John's
Cross [als Red Cross] Inn, Beacon Road
Crow & Gate Inn, Uckfield Road
Crowborough Beacon Golf Club
Crowborough Chapel [als All Saints Church], Chapel Green
Crowborough Post Mill, Beacon Road
Crowborough Tower Mill
Crowborough Warren Corn Mill, Crowborough Warren
Farningham Road, Frogs Hole
Forest Fold [als Two Chimneys] Chapel, London Road
Grocers Shop, Southview Road
Grocers Shop, Chapel Green
Half Moon Inn, Friars Gate
Hays Lane, Lye Green
Methodist Chapel, Chapel Green
National School, Steel Cross
New Road
Plough & Horses Inn, Mount Pleasant
Post Office, Boarshead
Rotherfield [als Crowborough, Jarvis Brook] Station, Station Road
Scarlet Green, Jarvis Brook
Sir Henry Fermor Church of England School, Chapel Green
Southview Baptist Chapel
St. John's Almshouse, St. John's
St. John's Chapel, St. John's
St. John's School, St. John's
St. John's Vicarage, St. John's
St. Mary's Church, Chapel Green
St. Michael and All Angels Church, Jarvis Brook
Steel Cross Post Office, Steel Cross
The Beacon Hotel, Beacon Road
The Blue Anchor, Beacon Road
The Welcome Stranger, Station Road
Trenches Corner, Whitehill
Wesleyan Chapel, Lye Green
Wheatsheaf Inn, Jarvis Brook
White Hart Inn, Chapel Green
Roads and Streets
Alice Bright Lane
Beacon Road
Blackness Road
Brighton Road
Burnt Oak Road
Chapel Green
Chillies Lane
Church Road
Cock Mount
Croft Road
Crowborough Common
Crowborough Cross
Crowborough Lane
Crowborough Town
Crowborough Warren
Eridge Road
Fermer Road
Fordbrook Hill
Friars Gate
Frogs Hole
Ghyll Road
Gillridge Lane
Green Lane
Hadlow Down Road
Hadlow Down Road
Herne Road
High Street
Hoadleys Lane
Hurtis Hill
Jarvis Brook
London Road
Luxford Road
Lye Green
Mardens Hill
Mount Pleasant
Myrtle Road
Pilmer Road
Queens Road
Redbridge Lane
Rotherfield Road
Sillwood Place
Southview Road
St. John's
Station Road
Steel Cross
Tollwood Road
Treblers Road
Tubwell Lane
Uckfield Road
Walshes Road
Warren Road
Homes and Farms
Adams Farm, Sweethaws
Adds Farm, Hoadleys Lane
Akhurst House, Palesgate
Alderbrook [als Elder Brook] Farm, Alice Bright Lane
Alice Bright Cottages, Alice Bright Lane
Alice Bright Farm, Alice Bright Lane
Allfreys [als Alfeys, Alfords, Halfords] Farm, Redbridge Lane
Allfreys [als Alfeys, Alfords] Cottage, Redbridge Lane
Alma Cottage, Southview Road
Aln House, Eridge Road
Ashdown Cottage, Uckfield Road
Ashdown Forest [near Crowborough],
Bailiff's House, Lye Green
Baldwins Cottages, Queens Road
Bark Cottages, Lye Green
Battles [als Bealtles, Brattles, Brittle]
Battreaston Cottage
Beacon [als Ralphs Farm] Court
Beacon Cottage
Beacon Cottages, Church Road
Beacon Hill, Beacon Road
Beaconhill Cottage, Lordswell
Beaconhurst, Beacon Road
Beaconstone, Beacon Road
Beeches Farm, Station Road
Beechview Villa
Belle Vue, Beacon Road
Bellevue House, Coldharbour
Belmont, Croft Road
Bengal [als Bingles] Farm, Lye Green
Berton Villa
Blacknest House, Blackness Road
Blue Anchor Cottage, Beacon Road
Blue Doors, Walshes Road
Boar's Head Farm, Boarshead
Boarshead Street, Boarshead
Boxgate House, St. John's
Brick & Tile Works [als Brickfield Cottages], Gillridge Lane
Brick Works, Steep
Brook House, Burnt Oak Road
Brooklands, Ghyll Road
Brooks Farm, Hurtis Hill
Broom Cottage, Chillies Lane
Brown Knoll,
Burnt Oak Smithy, Burnt Oak Road
Burntoak Cottage, Burnt Oak Road
Caple Cottage, Coldharbour
Carrs, Boarshead
Charity Farm, Station Road
Cherry Orchard Farm, Redbridge Lane
Chillys [als Chillies] Farm, Chillies Lane
Christchurch Cottage, Beacon Road
Church Cottage, Chapel Green
Cinder Hill, Boarshead
Clalands, Steep
Claremont House
Common Wood, Pilmer Road
Cooks Corner, London Road
Crabtree Farm,
Crowborough [als Pleasant] House, Beacon Road
Crowborough Brick Works, Frogs Hole
Crowborough Cemetery
Crowborough Cross Smithy, Crowborough Cross
Crowborough Gas Works, Frogs Hole
Crowborough Homes
Crowborough Lodge, Crowborough Warren
Crowborough Post Office
Crows Nest [als Grey Stones], St. John's
Croxted House, Beacon Road
Denefield, London Road
Denmark Cottage, Pilmer Road
Derridge [als Dourage] Farm, Steep
Down Land, Boarshead
Down Street, London Road
Ebenezer Cottages, Queens Road
Egept, Boarshead
Enfield, Southview Road
Eve Gate [als Heavegate],
Fern Bank, Croft Road
Ferndale Cottage, Jarvis Brook
Fields Cottages, Burnt Oak Road
Figgs Farm
Fir Tree Cottage, Whitehill
Fordbrook Farm, Fordbrook Hill
Fords Fields, London Road
Forest [als Cherrytree] Farm, Boarshead
Forest Farm, Crowborough Common
Forest Lea, London Road
Forest Lodge, Friars Gate
Forest Prospect, Jarvis Brook
Forest View, Lordswell
Forest View, Ghyll Road
Forest Villa, Uckfield Road
Gable Cottages, Queens Road
Gillhams Birch, Rotherfield Road
Gillridge Farm, Gillridge Lane
Girs House [als Gurrs Farm], Chapel Green
Goldsmith Cottages, Boarshead
Goldsmith Cottages, Mardens Hill
Greenwood Gate [als Heasmans] Lodge,
Greystone, Chillies Lane
Grubbs Farm, Mardens Hill
Haircomb Farm
Hanover Hall
Hanscums [als Aynscombes], Boarshead
Harlington House [als Marchants Farm, Henworth Farm]
Haywards Farm, Steep
Heath Cottage
Heather Bank, Croft Road
Heatherdene, St. John's
Hiders Farm, Palesgate
High Broom, Alice Bright Lane
High Cross, Eridge Road
Highbroom Farm
Hillside, Lye Green
Hoadleys Farm, Hoadleys Lane
Hoath Cottages, Croft Road
Hodges, Steel Cross
Hole Farm, Lye Green
Hole Farm, Boarshead
Hollamby Farm, Boarshead
Holly Cottage, Mardens Hill
Holly Tree Cottage, Southview Road
Home Farm, Crowborough Warren
Horn Reed, Beacon Road
Hourne Farm, Eridge Road
Hurtis Hill Farm, Hurtis Hill
Hussarlik, Alice Bright Lane
Inchreed Farm, Hadlow Down Road
Ivy Cottage, Lordswell
Ivy Cottage, Mardens Hill
Ivy House, Station Road
Jarvis Brook Post Office, Station Road
Jarvis Brook Smithy, Jarvis Brook
Jockeys Farm, Lye Green
Johnsons Cottage, Rotherfield Road
Kemps Farm,
Kent View, Croft Road
Ketches Farm, Redbridge Lane
Ketches New Farm, Burnt Oak Road
Kidders Ash [als Ketchs, Kitchs]
Kiln Field Cottage
Kingsworth, Coldharbour
Laurel Cottage, Southview Road
Laurel Lodge [als Sandstones], St. John's
Leggs [als Leagues] Farm, Burnt Oak Road
Leighlands Farm, Jarvis Brook
Limekiln Farm, Palesgate
Linciss Farm, Jarvis Brook
Little Grove, Coldharbour
Little Warren,
Lodgelands, Treblers Road
London House
Longcroft, Rotherfield Road
Lorrell [als Laurel] Tree Farm, Boarshead
Lotmans Farm
Lower Grove House, Boarshead
Lower Steep
Luckford [als Luxford] Farm, Eridge Road
Lucks Ford [als Luxford], Luxford Road
Luxford, Steep
Lye Green Farm, Lye Green
Lye Green Forge [als Sparrows Cottage], Lye Green
Homes and Farms
Mabbs Farm,
Malden Cottages, Southview Road
Manor House, Lye Green
May Cottage, Burnt Oak Road
Maynards Gate, Tubwell Lane
Mead [als Mill] House, Beacon Road
Meadow Bank, Croft Road
Mill House, Southview Road
Mission Room, Jarvis Brook
Moorlands [als Old Moor] Farm, Friars Gate
Morfess [als The Homestead, Morphews], High Hurstwood
Morriss's Farm, Hoadleys Lane
Moses [als Sweethaws] Farm, Sweethaws
Mottins Hill, Jarvis Brook
Moulden Wood, Chillies Lane
Mount Pleasant, Boarshead
Myrtle Cottage
Netherfield, St. John's
New Pond Cottage,
Newlyn, Jarvis Brook
Newnham Park [als Newbarn, New Barn] Farm, Uckfield Road
Norfolk House,
Oak Cottages
Ocklye House,
Oddfellows Hall
Old Gate House, Uckfield Road
Old Mill, Crowborough Warren
Old Mill House and Farm, Crowborough Warren
Oresnash [als Orznash] Farm, Gillridge Lane
Owlsbury Farm, Hadlow Down Road
Parish Cottages
Park [als Lodge] Gates, Lye Green
Parkers Cottages
Paygate, Uckfield Road
Pelling's Farm, Poundfield
Pencombe, Ghyll Road
Penns Rocks [als Rowleys] Farm, Lye Green
Perrymans Farm, Redbridge Lane
Pick Pale Farm, Burnt Oak Road
Pilmer Cottage, Pilmer Road
Pimp Barn Cottages, Friars Gate
Pinehurst Farm, Steep
Pleasant View House
Plume of Feathers [als Plumyfeather] Farm, Lye Green
Police Station, Friars Gate
Poplar Cottages, Alice Bright Lane
Poplar Cottages, Uckfield Road
Porters Green [als Porters Hill, Poiters Green]
Postern Cottage
Poundfield Farm, Poundfield
Poundgate, Uckfield Road
Preston Lodge, Southview Road
Prices, Hurtis Hill
Prospect House
Prospect House, Cock Mount
Providence Cottages, Whitehill
Providence House, St. John's
Providence Villa
Quarry House, Hurtis Hill
Queens Head, Boarshead
Railway Cottages, Station Road
Redbridge Farm, Redbridge Lane
Rensley Farm, Boarshead
Reynolds [Renalds] Farm
Rock Cottage, Lordswell
Rocks Farm, Boarshead
Rocks Farm, Lye Green
Rocks Farm, Burnt Oak Road
Rose Cottage, Station Road
Rose Cottage, Southview Road
Rose Cottage, Friars Gate
Rose Cottage, Coldharbour
Rose Cottage, Sweethaws
Rose Hill Farm
Rugsmith [als Ragsworth] Green
Rumsden Farm, Steep
Salt Box, Whitehill
Sand Hill, Hadlow Down Road
School House, Uckfield Road
Serene View, Croft Road
Sheep Plain, Sweethaws
Shorn [als Chorn] Brook, Steel Cross
Silverlands, Boarshead
Slab Castle
Slaughterman [als Slafin & Slaugham] Ghyll [als Gill], Sweethaws
Small Grove Farm, Jarvis Brook
Smithy, Boarshead
Solamans Farm, Southview Road
South View [als Oriental Place], Southview Road
South View Cottage, Southview Road
South View Villa, Southview Road
Southern Woods Farm, Friars Gate
Southpoint, Coldharbour
Sparrow [als Spars] Cottages, Hadlow Down Road
Spillpoints House
Spring Cottage, Southview Road
Spring Head, Lordswell
Spring Head Cottages, Lordswell
Spring Villa
Springbank Cottage, St. John's
Springfield Cottages, Chapel Green
St. Eliot's Farm, Eridge Road
St. John's Brick & Tile Works, St. John's
Starfield, Beacon Road
Steel Cross Farm, Steel Cross
Steel Cross House, Steel Cross
Stone Cottage, Myrtle Road
Stone Cottage, Southview Road
Stone Cross, Burnt Oak Road
Stone House, Coldharbour
Stone Villa, Queens Road
Stonehouse Farm, Boarshead
Summersales Farm, London Road
Sunnyside, Queens Road
Sunnyside, Southview Road
Sweethaws Lodge, Sweethaws
Taylors Cottage, Boarshead
Thatch Cottage, Jarvis Brook
Thatchers Cottage, Southview Road
The Beacon, Beacon Road
The Chummery, Southview Road
The Cottage, Lye Green
The Cottage [als Yew Tree Cottage], Sweethaws
The Cottages, Beacon Road
The Croft, Chapel Green
The Downs [als Down Cottage], London Road
The Firs [als Red House], Chapel Green
The Grange, Church Road
The Hermitage, Treblers Road
The Highlands [als Sutton Villa], Beacon Road
The Hollies, Beacon Road
The Lodge Cottage, Croft Road
The Nursery, Whitehill
The Observatory, Church Road
The Parsonage
The Pines
The Platt, St. John's
The Rose and Crown, Hurtis Hill
The Shawe, Poundfield
The Wilderness [als Beacon Villa], Beacon Road
Tinkhurst, Steel Cross
Toll Villa, Tollwood Road
Towner Hill Farm, Tollwood Road
Treblers Farm, Treblers Road
Tubwell Farm, Hadlow Down Road
Two Chimneys [als Chapel Cottage, Boarer Cottage], London Road
Twyford House, Beacon Road
Verhaegen House, Boarshead
Wallis Cottage, London Road
Walsh Wood [als Welchwood] Farm, Burnt Oak Road
Walshes, Walshes Road
War Memorial Hospital, Southview Road
Warren Cottages, Crowborough Warren
Warren Farm
Warren Forest, Crowborough Warren
Weston Cottages, Steel Cross
White House, London Road
White Road House, Coldharbour
Whitehouse [als Colliers] Farm, Lye Green
Wiggs [als Parkgrove], Lye Green
Wilmington House
Windlesham Manor, Hurtis Hill
Woodburn Farm, London Road
Workman's Cottage, Uckfield Road
Wynscote, Beacon Road
Yew Tree Villa, Southview Road

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