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Published pedigrees ►Pedigrees of the Families in the County of Kent by William Berry published 1830 - pp. 86; 328
 Thomas Martinm: 23rd Sep 1666 St. Denys Church, Rotherfield, SussexSusan Pett 
 b: 1646/47 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 3rd Jan 1646/47 St. Denys Church, son of John Martin
  b: c 1645
 b: 1674 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 19th Apr 1674 St. Denys Church, son of Thomas Martin & Susan Martin

 Robert Pettm: c 1755Mrs 
 b: c 1735  b: c 1735
 Geoffrey Martha George Charles Charlotte 
 b: 1757 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 27th Oct 1757
 b: 1759 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 25th Sep 1759
 b: 1762 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 9th Apr 1762
 b: 1763 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 27th Dec 1763
 b: 1765 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 5th Sep 1765

 Geoffrey Pettm: c 1780Elizabeth 
 b: c 1760  b: c 1760
 George Elizabeth Thomas Sarah 
 b: 1784 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 17th Dec 1784
 b: 1787 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 7th Jan 1787
 b: 1789 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 15th Feb 1789
 b: 1791 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 24th Apr 1791

 Geoffrey Pettm: c 1780Mrs 
 b: 1757 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 27th Oct 1757
  b: c 1760
 Geoffrey Thomas 
 b: 1781 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 8th Jul 1781
 b: 1782 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 8th Dec 1782

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