The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
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 Charles Snele
congregational minister
m: c 1853Mrs Snele 
 b: 1835 Hedingly, Yorkshire   
 b: 1864 Kentish Town, London 

 Dan Snell
shoe maker
m: c 1854Eliza 
 b: 1834 Tunbridge Wells, Kent  b: 1834 London
 Elizabeth Dan Arthur Clara 
 b: 1860 Tunbridge Wells, Kent b: 1865 Tunbridge Wells, Kent b: 1867 Tunbridge Wells, Kent b: 1869 Tunbridge Wells, Kent 

 Charles Snell
dissenting minister
m: c 1855Elizabeth 
 b: 1835 Headingly, Yorkshire  b: 1834 London
 Minnie Jessie Annie Frank E. 
 b: 1865 London b: 1867 London b: 1869 London b: July 1870 Mayfield, Sussex 

 Charles Snellm: c 1856Elizabeth 
 b: 1836 Yorkshire  b: 1835 Berkshire
 Jessie Annie Frank E. 
 b: 1867 London b: 1869 London b: 1871 Mayfield, Sussex 

 Amos Bartholomew
house agent
m: Oct to Dec 1856
registered at Lambeth District, London ref: 1856 Q4 Vol 1d Page 423
Julia Snell 
 b: 1825 Sevenoaks, Kent  b: 1836 Bucklesbury, Berkshire
Eliza Fanny  Julia Harry Amos Ellen Louise Florence Kate Violet Maud 
b: 1857 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 1st Mar 1857
  b: 1860 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 22nd Jan 1860
 b: 1862 Sevenoaks, Kent b: 1865 Sevenoaks, Kent b: 1867 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 24th Mar 1867
 b: 1870 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 5th Jun 1870
 b: 1874 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 19th Apr 1874
 b: 1879 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 26th Dec 1879
  b: 1858 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 4th Dec 1858

 Adam Snelle
m: c 1873Mary 
 b: 1846 Germany  b: 1853 Brynmawr, Wales
 b: 1879 Tonbridge, Kent 

 Thomas Snell
m: c 1876Mary 
 b: 1855 Tunbridge Wells, Kent b: 1856 Tunbridge Wells, Kent

 George Snell
railway signalman
m: c 1877Elizabeth 
 b: 1859 Preston, Suffolk  b: 1858 Preston, Suffolk
 Ernest J Clifford Elice E Herbert 
 b: 1881 Mountfield, Sussex b: 1883 Snodland, Kent b: 1886 Edenbridge, Kent b: 1889 Edenbridge, Kent 

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