The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Rotherfield, Sussex
Parish & other records Before

Roberte CardeBirth1650William CardeMrs CardeRotherfield Parish Registers
Joane MooneBirth1650Thomas MooneMrs MooneRotherfield Parish Registers
William MartinBirth1650John MartinElizabeth Martin [Burges]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John AshbyBirth1650John AshbyMary Ashby [Bickner]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William CattBirth1650Thomas CattMary Catt [Alchorne]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Samuel LatterBirth1650Adam LatterMrs LatterRotherfield Parish Registers
Lucie KidderBirth1650Roberte KidderMrs KidderRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary AdamsBirth1650William AdamsMrs AdamsRotherfield Parish Registers
John JarretBirth1650Stephen JarretMrs JarretRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas CattBirth1650Adam CattMargaret Catt [Farmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William AshdowneBirth1650John AshdowneMillicent Ashdowne [Morly]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Alexander AlchorneBirth1650John Alchorne, tailorMary Alchorne [Spicer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Richard WilmshurstBirth1650John WilmshurstMrs WilmshurstRotherfield Parish Registers
William AustenBirth1650Abraham AustenAnn Austen [Cony]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Humphrey FowleBirth1650Nicholas FowleElizabeth Fowle [Ashfield]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth BakerBirth1650John BakerMrs BakerRotherfield Parish Registers
Alice Sawyer [Wheeler]Birthc 1650Rotherfield Parish Registers
William StevensBirth1649/50William StevensConstance Stevens [Sawyer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John LatterBirth1649/50Thomas LatterMary LatterRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary BrookerBirth1649/50William BrookerMrs BrookerRotherfield Parish Registers
John HumfreyBirthc Nov 1650Thomas HumfreyJoane Humfrey [Fry]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas MarkewickeBirth1651Thomas MarkwickeElizabeth Markwicke [Snatt]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas HumfreyBirth1651Thomas HumfreyJoane Humfrey [Fry]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary CattBirth1651Adam CattMargaret Catt [Farmer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William MartinBirth1651John MartinElizabeth Martin [Burges]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John CardBirth1651John CardJoane Card [Willard]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary TaylorBirth1651John TaylorAnn Taylor [May]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah TurnerBirth1651Roberte TurnerElizabeth TurnerRotherfield Parish Registers
Adam AshdowneBirth1651John AshdowneMillicent Ashdowne [Morly]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John GouldsmythBirth1651John GouldsmythElizabeth Gouldsmyth [Pipper]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John HiderBirth1651John HiderElizabeth Hider [Weston]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary AlchorneBirth1651William AlchorneMrs AlchorneRotherfield Parish Registers
Deborah AckhurstBirth1651John AckhurstDeborah AckhurstRotherfield Parish Registers
Richard RelfeBirth1651William RelfeAnne Relfe [Jeffery]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth AllchorneBirth1651Abraham Allchorne, tailorMartha Allchorne [Tonge]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Margaret GouldsmythBirth1651John GouldsmythMary Gouldsmyth [Martin]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John BarberBirth1651John BarberMary BarberRotherfield Parish Registers
Edmond LatterBirth1651Edmond LatterMrs LatterRotherfield Parish Registers
William JarretBirth1650/51Robert JarrettSarah Jarrett [Gylles]Rotherfield Parish Registers
George LatterBirth1650/51Abraham LatterMrs LatterRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas TurnerBirth1650/51Nicholas TurnerElizabeth Turner [Marchante]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary HiderBirth1650/51Edward HiderDennis Hider [Duffell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Dorothy ParkerBirth1652Steven ParkerElizabeth Parker [Laffame]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Frances BurgesBirth1652John BurgesMargaret Burges [Smyth]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John StevensBirth1652William StevensConstance Stevens [Sawyer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Constance SawyerBirth1652Thomas SawyerElizabeth SawyerGloria Bauer Ishida's records
Anthony JarretBirth1652Stephen JarretMrs JarretRotherfield Parish Registers
Elezbethe WalterBirth1652Jeffery WalterMary WalterRotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah ParkerBirth1652Steven ParkerElizabeth Parker [Laffame]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Edward HiderBirth1652Christopher HiderHelen Hider [Baker]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth TaylorBirth1652John TaylorAnn Taylor [May]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Edward HiderBirth1652Edward HiderDennis Hider [Duffell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Stephen AustenBirth1652Abraham AustenAnn Austen [Cony]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anne BakerBirth1652Thomas BakerMary Baker [May]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William CrowhurstBirth1652William CrowhurstMrs CrowhurstRotherfield Parish Registers
Richard CattBirth1652John CattAlice Catt [Rygitt]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary CattBirth1652Thomas CattMary Catt [Alchorne]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth CrowhurstBirth1652John CrowhurstMrs CrowhurstRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary CardeBirth1652William CardeMrs CardeRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary AshdowneBirth1652Rotherfield Parish Registers
Dinah LatterBirth1652Abraham LatterMrs LatterRotherfield Parish Registers
Ann CattBirth1652William CattAnn Catt [Humfrey]Rotherfield Parish Registers
James AllchorneBirth1651/52Thomas Alchorne, weaverKatherine Alchorne [Crowherst]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elyzabeth AustenBirth1653Abraham AustenAnn Austen [Cony]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary HillesBirth1653Symon HillesMrs HillesRotherfield Parish Registers
Ann LatterBirth1653Adam LatterMrs LatterRotherfield Parish Registers
Robert BridgerBirth1653Edward BridgerMrs BridgerRotherfield Parish Registers
Ellner HodlyBirth1653Henry HodelyEleanor Hodely [Downe]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Dorothy LatterBirth1653Thomas LatterMary LatterRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth FarmerBirth1653Adam FarmerMrs FarmerRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary Brooke [Ashby]Birth1653Thomas AshbyMary Ann Ashby [Peett]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann AlchorneBirth1653John Alchorne, tailorMary Alchorne [Spicer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John BrowneBirth1653John BrowneMrs BrowneRotherfield Parish Registers
Dorothy AshdowneBirth1653Rotherfield Parish Registers
Nicholas TurnerBirth1652/53Roberte TurnerElizabeth TurnerRotherfield Parish Registers
William AlchorneBirth1652/53William AlchorneMrs AlchorneRotherfield Parish Registers
Steven CattBirth26th Feb 1653Thomas CattMary Catt [Alchorne]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas BakerBirth1654John BakerMrs BakerRotherfield Parish Registers
Abraham LatterBirth1654Abraham LatterMrs LatterRotherfield Parish Registers
William BakerBirth1654John BakerMrs BakerRotherfield Parish Registers
Catherine PuxtyBirth1654Thomas PuxstyMargaret Puxsty [Catt]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elisabeth GouldsmythBirth1654John GouldsmythMary Gouldsmyth [Martin]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William StevensBirth1654William StevensConstance Stevens [Sawyer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John HiderBirth1654Edward HiderDennis Hider [Duffell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Edward SawyerBirth1654Thomas SawyerElizabeth SawyerGloria Bauer Ishida's records
Pacint BrowneBirth1654John BrowneMrs BrowneRotherfield Parish Registers
Jone GouldsmythBirth1654John GouldsmythElizabeth Gouldsmyth [Pipper]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Avis UmfreyBirth1654Thomas HumfreyJoane Humfrey [Fry]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Abraham MartinBirth1654John MartinElizabeth Martin [Burges]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John LatterBirth1653/54Edmond LatterMrs LatterRotherfield Parish Registers
Unnamed male HiderBirthJan 1654Edward HiderDennis Hider [Duffell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Robard AshdowneBirth29th Mar 1654Roberd AshdowneElizabeth Ashdowne [Parker]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary TaylorBirth10th Apr 1654Thomas TaylorGrace TaylorRotherfield Parish Registers
William HarmarBirth14th May 1654Richard HarmarMrs HarmarRotherfield Parish Registers
Elisabeth DiplockBirth1655Robard DiplockMrs DiplockRotherfield Parish Registers
William CardBirth1655Richard CardMrs CardRotherfield Parish Registers
John HiderBirth1655John HiderElizabeth Hider [Weston]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann TaylorBirth1655Thomas TaylorGrace TaylorRotherfield Parish Registers
Samuell CattBirth1655John CattAlice Catt [Rygitt]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas BakerBirth1655Thomas BakerMary Baker [May]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas TurnerBirth1655Roberte TurnerElizabeth TurnerRotherfield Parish Registers
Robert FarmarBirth1655Adam FarmerMrs FarmerRotherfield Parish Registers
Ann CattBirth1655Thomas CattMary Catt [Alchorne]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John HumfreyBirth1655John HumfreyMrs HumfreyRotherfield Parish Registers
Constance AllchorneBirth1655Phillip AllchorneIsabel Allchorne [Taverner]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Joane AshbyBirth1655Thomas AshbyMary Ann Ashby [Peett]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas CattBirth1655Thomas CattMary Catt [Alchorne]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Edward BridgerBirth1655Edward BridgerMrs BridgerRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas BrounBirth1655John BrowneMrs BrowneRotherfield Parish Registers
Richard CardBirth1655John CardJoane Card [Willard]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary WalterBirth1655Jeffery WalterMary WalterRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary BarberBirth1654/55John BarberMary BarberRotherfield Parish Registers
Nicholas AlchorneBirth1654/55William AlchorneMrs AlchorneRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary AllchorneBirth1654/55Thomas Alchorne, weaverKatherine Alchorne [Crowherst]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Unnamed CattBirth1656Thomas CattMary Catt [Alchorne]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Edward GodlyBirth1656Edward GodlyMrs GodlyRotherfield Parish Registers
Elisabeth StevensBirth1656William StevensConstance Stevens [Sawyer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elisabeth HumfreyBirth1656John HumfreyMrs HumfreyRotherfield Parish Registers
John MartinBirth1656John MartinElizabeth Martin [Burges]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John StevensonBirth1656John StevensonJane StevensonRotherfield Parish Registers
William BrounBirth1656John BrowneMrs BrowneRotherfield Parish Registers
John AshdowneBirth1656Rotherfield Parish Registers
Joseph RelfBirth1656Thomas RelfeAgnes Relfe [Goldsmith]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary LatterBirth1656Edmond LatterMrs LatterRotherfield Parish Registers
Elisabeth HumfreyBirth1656Thomas HumfreyJoane Humfrey [Fry]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William WilmshurstBirth1656John WilmshurstMrs WilmshurstRotherfield Parish Registers
Stephen AustenBirth1656Abraham AustenAnn Austen [Cony]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John AkehurstBirth1655/56John AckhurstDeborah AckhurstRotherfield Parish Registers
Nicholas AshdowneBirth1657Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas AshdowneBirth1657Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann GodlyBirth1657Edward GodlyMrs GodlyRotherfield Parish Registers
Richard GouldsmythBirth1657John GouldsmythElizabeth Gouldsmyth [Pipper]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John Ashby, sawyerBirth1657Thomas AshbyMary Ann Ashby [Peett]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas WalterBirth1657Jeffery WalterMary WalterRotherfield Parish Registers
Avis CattBirth1657Thomas CattMary Catt [Alchorne]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Richard RogersBirth1658Isaac RogersAnn Rogers [Turner]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ales HumfreyBirth1658Thomas HumfreyJoane Humfrey [Fry]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary TaylorBirth1658Thomas TaylorGrace TaylorRotherfield Parish Registers
George CattBirth1658William CattAnn Catt [Humfrey]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Jane TurnerBirth1658John TurnerJone Turner [Lockyer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary AlchorneBirth1658John Alchorne, weaverElizabeth Alchorne [Sutton]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Stephen CattBirth1658Thomas CattMary Catt [Alchorne]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John MooneBirth1658John MoonElizabeth Moon [Turner]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth AshdowneBirth1658Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary DiplockBirth1658Robard DiplockMrs DiplockRotherfield Parish Registers
Abraham LatterBirth1658Abraham LatterMrs LatterRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas HumfreyBirth1658John HumfreyMrs HumfreyRotherfield Parish Registers
Samuel AshdowneBirth1658Rotherfield Parish Registers
John MarckwickBirth1658Thomas MarkwickeElizabeth Markwicke [Snatt]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann WaltersBirth1658William WaltersMrs WaltersRotherfield Parish Registers
William FermorBirth2nd Dec 1658William FermorMargaret Fermor [Buck]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John AshdowneBirth1659Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas CattBirth1659William CattAnn Catt [Humfrey]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary AustenBirth1659Abraham AustenAnn Austen [Cony]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Andrew AshdowneBirth1659Rotherfield Parish Registers
John MooneBirth1659John MoonElizabeth Moon [Turner]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth AshdowneBirth1659Rotherfield Parish Registers
Lydea GouldsmythBirth1659John GouldsmythMary Gouldsmyth [Martin]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Margarett HiderBirth1659John HiderElizabeth Hider [Weston]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth TaylorBirth1659Andrew TaylorAvis TaylorRotherfield Parish Registers
Avis HumfreyBirth1659Thomas HumfreyJoane Humfrey [Fry]Rotherfield Parish Registers
James ParkerBirth1659Steven ParkerElizabeth Parker [Laffame]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Dinah ParkerBirth1659Steven ParkerElizabeth Parker [Laffame]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Edward DadswellBirth1659Roberte DadswellMary Dadswell [Aynscombe]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Symeon HumfreyBirth1659John HumfreyMrs HumfreyRotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah CattBirth1659Thomas CattMary Catt [Alchorne]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary BakerBirth1659John BakerMrs BakerRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary HillesBirth1659Christopher HillesMrs HillesRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary RelfeBirth1658/59Thomas RelfeAgnes Relfe [Goldsmith]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anthony TurnerBirth1658/59Roberte TurnerElizabeth TurnerRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas RelfeBirth1658/59Thomas RelfeAgnes Relfe [Goldsmith]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Joseph StevensBirth1658/59William StevensConstance Stevens [Sawyer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary MartinBirth1658/59William MartinMrs MartinRotherfield Parish Registers
Avis WestonBirth1660John WestonAvis WestonRotherfield Parish Registers
Margaret AlchorneBirth1660William AlchorneMrs AlchorneRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth CattBirth1660William CattAnn Catt [Humfrey]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary StevensonBirth1660John StevensonJane StevensonRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas BridgerBirth1660Edward BridgerMrs BridgerRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary CattBirth1660Thomas CattMary Catt [Alchorne]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann TaylorBirth1660John TaylorJoane Taylor [Hardwicke]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas AshdowneBirth1660Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas SawyerBirthc 1660Sussex Marriage Registers
Richard BarberBirth1659/60John BarberMary BarberRotherfield Parish Registers
Henry StevensBirth1659/60William StevensConstance Stevens [Sawyer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William AlchorneBirth1659/60John Alchorne, weaverElizabeth Alchorne [Sutton]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary LatterBirth1659/60Thomas LatterMary LatterRotherfield Parish Registers
Simon LatterBirth1659/60Simon LatterElizabeth Latter [Miles]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Stephen SawyerBirth1661William SawyerMargaret SawyerRotherfield Parish Registers
Joseph GouldsmythBirth1661John GouldsmythMary Gouldsmyth [Martin]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John HarmerBirth1661John HarmerAnn HarmerRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary DadswellBirth1661Roberte DadswellMary Dadswell [Aynscombe]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Richard CattBirth1661Adam CattAnn CattRotherfield Parish Registers
Margaret MartinBirth1661William MartinMrs MartinRotherfield Parish Registers
John WickinsBirth1661John WickinsAnne WickinsRotherfield Parish Registers
Richard AshdowneBirth1661Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anthony FermorBirth1661William FermorMargaret Fermor [Buck]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth HillesBirth1661Christopher HillesMrs HillesRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth SawyerBirth1661Stephen SawyerAnn Sawyer [Puxty]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anthony AllchorneBirth1661Thomas Alchorne, weaverKatherine Alchorne [Crowherst]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John TurnerBirth1660/61John TurnerJone Turner [Lockyer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Jeffery WalterBirth1662Jeffery WalterMary WalterRotherfield Parish Registers
Avis HumfreyBirth1662John HumfreyMrs HumfreyRotherfield Parish Registers
Edmund AlchorneBirth1662Rotherfield Parish Registers
John GouldsmythBirth1662John GouldsmythMary Gouldsmyth [Martin]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary BakerBirth1662William BakerMrs BakerRotherfield Parish Registers
John HookeBirth1662Richard HookeElizabeth HookeRotherfield Parish Registers
John AlchorneBirth1662William AlchorneMrs AlchorneRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary GilbardBirth1662William GilbardElizabeth GilbardRotherfield Parish Registers
John TurnerBirth1662Richard TurnerMrs TurnerRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth MooneBirth1662John MoonElizabeth Moon [Turner]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John TaylorBirth1662Thomas TaylorGrace TaylorRotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah HillesBirth1662Edward HillesAnn HillesRotherfield Parish Registers
Ann BakerBirth1662John BakerMrs BakerRotherfield Parish Registers
Constance AttreeBirth1662William AttreeJudith Attree [Codden]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John TaylorBirth1662John TaylorJoane Taylor [Hardwicke]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas AshdowneBirth1662Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas CattBirth1662Thomas CattMary Catt [Alchorne]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Avis TaylorBirth1662Andrew TaylorAvis TaylorRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas SawyerBirth1662Stephen SawyerAnn Sawyer [Puxty]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Joane HumfreyBirth1662Thomas HumfreyJoane Humfrey [Fry]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John HiderBirth1661/62John HiderElizabeth Hider [Weston]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William AshbyBirth1661/62Thomas AshbyMary Ann Ashby [Peett]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Margarett StevensBirth1661/62William StevensConstance Stevens [Sawyer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Arthur WickinsBirth1663Arthur WickingsElizabeth Wickings [Kippings]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Jane MooneBirth1663Thomas MoonSarah MoonRotherfield Parish Registers
John FermorBirth1663William FermorMargaret Fermor [Buck]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John CattBirth1663William CattAnn Catt [Humfrey]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Martha RolfeBirth1663William RelfeMrs RelfeRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary AshdowneBirth1663Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas AlchorneBirth1663Thomas Alchorne, weaverKatherine Alchorne [Crowherst]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas WickinsBirth1663John WickinsAnne WickinsRotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah BurgesBirth1663John BurgesMary BurgesRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary TurnerBirth1663Roberte TurnerElizabeth TurnerRotherfield Parish Registers
Christopher HillesBirth1663Christopher HillesMrs HillesRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth LuckeBirth1663Alexander LuckeBarberie LuckeRotherfield Parish Registers
Martha HookeBirth1663SparrowsRichard HookeElizabeth HookeRotherfield Parish Registers
William GouldsmythBirth1663Mary GouldsmythRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary WestonBirth1663John WestonAvis WestonRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary MorfeeBirth1663Thomas MorfeyMary Morfey [Snat]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah LatterBirth1663Simon LatterElizabeth Latter [Miles]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann HarmerBirth1663John HarmerAnn HarmerRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth CattBirth1663John CattAlice CattRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth MartinBirth1662/63William MartinMrs MartinRotherfield Parish Registers
Edmund AlchorneBirth1662/63John Alchorne, weaverElizabeth Alchorne [Sutton]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Nicholas BarberBirth1664John BarberEleanor Barber [Maynard]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Parnell MartinBirth1664William MartinMrs MartinRotherfield Parish Registers
Richard BridgerBirth1664Edward BridgerMrs BridgerRotherfield Parish Registers
Dorothie Lockyer [Coale]Birth1664Anthony CoaleDorothie Coale [Gorrum]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Edward TaylorBirth1664John TaylorJoane Taylor [Hardwicke]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann AshbyBirth1664Ann AshbyRotherfield Parish Registers
John AshdowneBirth1664William AshdowneMary AshdowneRotherfield Parish Registers
Ann WickensBirth1664Richard WickinsMrs WickinsRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas MuddleBirth1664Thomas MuddleElizabeth Muddle [Aynscombe]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William CattBirth1664Adam CattAnn CattRotherfield Parish Registers
William RelfeBirth1664William RelfeMrs RelfeRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas GilbardBirth1664Robert GilbardAgnes Gilbard [Quennell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann CattBirth1664Thomas CattMary Catt [Alchorne]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Unnamed SawyerBirth1664Stephen SawyerAnn Sawyer [Puxty]Rotherfield Parish Registers
George AttreeBirth1664William AttreeJudith Attree [Codden]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Henry StevensBirth1663/64William StevensConstance Stevens [Sawyer]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary MarkwickeBirth1663/64Edward MarkwickeGrace Markwicke [Tompsett]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Edward HookeBirth1663/64Charles HookeElizabeth HookeRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas HiderBirth1663/64John HiderElizabeth Hider [Weston]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah MooneBirth1665Thomas MoonSarah MoonRotherfield Parish Registers
Joane AshdowneBirth1665John AshdowneMargerie AshdowneRotherfield Parish Registers
Joane TaylorBirth1665John TaylorJoane Taylor [Hardwicke]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Frances Godfrey [Fermor]Birth1665William FermorMargaret Fermor [Buck]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Abraham GouldsmythBirth1665John GouldsmythElizabeth Gouldsmyth [Pipper]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann LuckeBirth1665Alexander LuckeBarberie LuckeRotherfield Parish Registers
Stephen SawyerBirth1665Stephen SawyerAnn Sawyer [Puxty]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John WalterBirth1665Jeffery WalterMary WalterRotherfield Parish Registers
Ann MooneBirth1665John MoonElizabeth Moon [Turner]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary Alchorne [Ashdowne]Birth1665John AshdowneMary AshdowneRotherfield Parish Registers
Richard AshbyBirth1665Thomas AshbyMary Ann Ashby [Peett]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Richard AlchorneBirth1665John Alchorne, weaverElizabeth Alchorne [Sutton]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary BakerBirth1665John BakerMrs BakerRotherfield Parish Registers
Symon HumfreyBirth1665Thomas HumfreyJoane Humfrey [Fry]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William GouldsmythBirth1665John GouldsmythMary Gouldsmyth [Martin]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth MuddleBirth1665Thomas MuddleMary MuddleRotherfield Parish Registers
John BassettBirth1665Alexander BassettAnne BassettRotherfield Parish Registers
Anthony CoaleBirth1665Anthony CoaleDorothie Coale [Gorrum]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Jane AlchorneBirth1665John Alchorne, weaverElizabeth Alchorne [Sutton]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth Ashby [Gyles]Birthc 1665Rotherfield Marriage Registers
John AshbyBirthc 1665Rotherfield Marriage Registers
Margarett TaylorBirth1664/65Andrew TaylorAvis TaylorRotherfield Parish Registers
Anne WickensBirth1664/65Arthur WickingsElizabeth Wickings [Kippings]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John TurnerBirth1666Roberte TurnerElizabeth TurnerRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth StevensonBirth1666John StevensonJane StevensonRotherfield Parish Registers
Samuel WellerBirth1666Thomas WellerJoane WellerRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary WestonBirth1666John WestonMary Weston [Ovenden]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thamar WickensBirth1666Arthur WickingsElizabeth Wickings [Kippings]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth HodelyBirth1666Thomas HodelyMary HodelyRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth Moon [Russell]Birth1666IGI - Family Search
John HiderBirth1666John HiderElizabeth Hider [Weston]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary RelfeBirth1666Thomas RelfeAvice RelfeRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary AttreeBirth1666William AttreeJudith Attree [Codden]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Robert GilbardBirth1666Robert GilbardAgnes Gilbard [Quennell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John StapleyBirth1666Richard StapleySusan PocockeRotherfield Parish Registers
John HillesBirth1666Christopher HillesAnn HillesRotherfield Parish Registers
Sara CattBirth1666John CattAlice CattRotherfield Parish Registers
Richard HallBirth1666Richard HallSusan Hall [Whybourne]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Edward HillesBirth1666Edward HillesAnn HillesRotherfield Parish Registers
Joane HumfreyBirth1666Thomas HumfreyJoane Humfrey [Fry]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William AshdowneBirth1666William AshdowneMary AshdowneRotherfield Parish Registers
Ann TaylorBirth1666Thomas TaylorGrace TaylorRotherfield Parish Registers
Andrew TaylorBirth1666Andrew TaylorAvis TaylorRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary TaylorBirth1666John TaylorMary TaylorRotherfield Parish Registers
Jane BarberBirth1665/66John BarberEleanor Barber [Maynard]Geoffrey Barber's records
Elizabeth Medhurst [Cornwell]Birth1665/66George CornwellMary CornwellIGI - Family Search
John WellerBirth10th Apr 1666Thomas WellerElizabeth Weller [Muddle]Brad Card's records
John WestonBirth12th Aug 1666John WestonAvis WestonRotherfield Parish Registers
Susanna CurdBirthc Nov 1666John CurdAnn Curd [Young]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John CoaleBirth1667Anthony CoaleDorothie Coale [Gorrum]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John BakerBirth1667John BakerElizabeth BakerRotherfield Parish Registers
John RelfeBirth1667William RelfeMrs RelfeRotherfield Parish Registers
John AustenBirth1667John AustenAnn Austen [Alchorne]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary AustenBirth1667John AustenAnn Austen [Alchorne]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William HarmerBirth1667Abraham HarmerCatherine Harmer [Marrion]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary HarmerBirth1667John HarmerAnn HarmerRotherfield Parish Registers
John BakerBirth1667Henry BakerSusan BakerRotherfield Parish Registers
Jane TaylorBirth1667John TaylorJoane Taylor [Hardwicke]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Abraham AshbyBirth1667Thomas AshbyMary Ann Ashby [Peett]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Richard HilderBirth1667John HilderAnn Hilder [Hutchinson]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas MooneBirth1667John MoonElizabeth Moon [Turner]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth AlchorneBirth1667William AlchorneElizabeth Alchorne [Swan]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sir Henry FermorBirth28th Jun 1667William FermorMartha Fermor [Thomas]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth HodelyBirth18th Aug 1667Henry HoadlyElizabeth Hoadly [Hodly]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John HawkinsBirth1668George HawkinsGrace Hawkins [Martin]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary Gates [Cornwell]Birth1668George CornwellMary CornwellIGI - Family Search
Thomas WickensBirth1668Arthur WickingsElizabeth Wickings [Kippings]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary GilbardBirth1668Robert GilbardAgnes Gilbard [Quennell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William StapleyBirth1668Richard StapleySusan Pococke [Pococke]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Nicholas CattBirth1668William CattMary CattRotherfield Parish Registers
Margaret AlchorneBirth1668John Alchorne, weaverElizabeth Alchorne [Sutton]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Martha WalterBirth1668Jeffery WalterMary WalterRotherfield Parish Registers
Robert HookeBirth1668Richard HookeElizabeth HookeRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth WestonBirth1668John WestonMary Weston [Ovenden]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann AshdowneBirth1668John AshdowneMargerie AshdowneRotherfield Parish Registers
William SawyerBirth1668William SawyerMargaret SawyerRotherfield Parish Registers
Jane CattBirth1668Thomas CattMary CattRotherfield Parish Registers
John CurdBirth1668John CurdAnn Curd [Young]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann AllenBirth1668Thomas AllenDorothy AllenRotherfield Parish Registers
Simon WestonBirth1668John WestonAvis WestonRotherfield Parish Registers
Mildred Burgess [Hodely]Birth1668Thomas HodelyMary HodelyRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas BakerBirth1668Thomas BakerJoane Baker [Aynscombe]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Margarett HillesBirth1668Nicholas HillesMary Hilles [Snatt]Rotherfield Parish Registers
George HillesBirth1668Christopher HillesMary HillesRotherfield Parish Registers
Richard PeckhamBirth1668Alexander PeckhamAnne Peckham [Sands]Jeremy Stroud's records
Ann MuddleBirth1668Thomas MuddleMary MuddleRotherfield Parish Registers
John OvendenBirth1668John OvendenElizabeth Ovenden [Everest]Kathleen Hilborn's records
Ann SawyerBirth1668Stephen SawyerAnn Sawyer [Puxty]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Stephen BassettBirth1667/68Alexander BassettAnne BassettRotherfield Parish Registers
Margarett HarmerBirth1669John HarmerAnn HarmerRotherfield Parish Registers
John TaylorBirth1669Thomas TaylorGrace TaylorRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas HarmerBirth1669John HarmerAnn HarmerRotherfield Parish Registers
Frances Nash [Ashby]Birth1669John AshbyAnn Ashby [Battlemore]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary BakerBirth1669Henry BakerSusan BakerRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary HiderBirth1669John HiderElizabeth Hider [Weston]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Christopher HillesBirth1669Edward HillesAnn HillesRotherfield Parish Registers
John TaylorBirth1669John TaylorMary TaylorRotherfield Parish Registers
Ann GilbardBirth1669William GilbardElizabeth GilbardRotherfield Parish Registers
Anthony AttreeBirth1669William AttreeJudith Attree [Codden]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann AustenBirth1669John AustenAnn Austen [Alchorne]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John HodelyBirth12th Feb 1669Henry HoadlyElizabeth Hoadly [Hodly]Rotherfield Parish Registers
James FermorBirth8th Apr 1669William FermorMartha Fermor [Thomas]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah WickensBirth1670Arthur WickingsElizabeth Wickings [Kippings]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann HillesBirth1670Christopher HillesMary HillesRotherfield Parish Registers
Edward CoaleBirth1670Anthony CoaleDorothie Coale [Gorrum]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Richard AlchorneBirth1670John Alchorne, weaverElizabeth Alchorne [Sutton]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Adam CattBirth1670Adam CattAnn CattRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary AlchorneBirth1670William AlchorneElizabeth Alchorne [Swan]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ellen WestonBirth1670John WestonMary Weston [Ovenden]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann CurdBirth1670John CurdAnn Curd [Young]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Dorothie AllenBirth1670Thomas AllenDorothy AllenRotherfield Parish Registers
Katherine Smith [Ashby]Birth1670Thomas AshbyMary Ann Ashby [Peett]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Robert AshdowneBirth1670John AshdowneMargerie AshdowneRotherfield Parish Registers
Simon HillesBirth1670Nicholas HillesMary Hilles [Snatt]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William MooneBirth1670John MoonElizabeth Moon [Turner]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Richard StapleyBirth1670Richard StapleySusan Pococke [Pococke]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William OvendenBirth1670John OvendenElizabeth Ovenden [Everest]Kathleen Hilborn's records
Ann BakerBirth1670Edward BakerElizabeth BakerRotherfield Parish Registers
George AshbyBirth1670John AshbyAnn Ashby [Battlemore]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Josiah BurgesBirth1670John BurgesMary BurgesRotherfield Parish Registers
Ann BassettBirth1669/70Alexander BassettAnne BassettRotherfield Parish Registers
Katherine Maynard [Harmer]Birth1671Abraham HarmerCatherine Harmer [Marrion]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sara GilbardBirth1671Robert GilbardAgnes Gilbard [Quennell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary HillesBirth1671Nicholas HillesMary Hilles [Snatt]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Jane GilbardBirth1671Edward GilbardAnn Gilbard [Ashbey]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary HodelyBirth1671Henry HoadlyElizabeth Hoadly [Hodly]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Barbara CurdBirth1671John CurdAnn Curd [Young]Rotherfield Parish Registers
George HawkinsBirth1671George HawkinsGrace Hawkins [Martin]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary BassettBirth1671Alexander BassettAnne BassettRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth BakerBirth1671Robert BakerElizabeth Baker [Adds]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William BakerBirth1671Edward BakerElizabeth BakerRotherfield Parish Registers
John BridgerBirth1671John BridgerRose BridgerRotherfield Parish Registers
Mary CattBirth1671Thomas CattSara Catt [Knight]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Susana BakerBirth1671Henry BakerSusan BakerRotherfield Parish Registers
Margaret BakerBirth1671John Thomas BakerTamar Baker [Wickens]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann RelfeBirth1671William RelfeMrs RelfeRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas MuddleBirth1671Thomas MuddleMary MuddleRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas AttreeBirth1671William AttreeJudith Attree [Codden]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John SawyerBirth1671Stephen SawyerAnn Sawyer [Puxty]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
Elizabeth AshdowneBirth1671John AshdowneElizabeth AshdowneRotherfield Parish Registers
James TaylorBirth1671Andrew TaylorAvis TaylorRotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah TaylorBirth1671John TaylorJoane Taylor [Hardwicke]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary AustenBirth1671John AustenAnn Austen [Alchorne]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah CornwellBirth1670/71George CornwellMary CornwellIGI - Family Search
Dorothie HillesBirth1672Edward HillesAnn HillesRotherfield Parish Registers
Ann BakerBirth1672Robert BakerElizabeth Baker [Adds]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William GilbardBirth1672William GilbardElizabeth GilbardRotherfield Parish Registers
William RelfeBirth1672Thomas RelfeAvice RelfeRotherfield Parish Registers
William AlchorneBirth1672William AlchorneElizabeth Alchorne [Swan]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas BakerBirth1672Henry BakerSusan BakerRotherfield Parish Registers
Ann HookeBirth1672Charles HookeHester HookeRotherfield Parish Registers
Arthur CattBirth1672John CattElizabeth Catt [Ames]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William HumfreyBirth1672Thomas HumfreyJoane Humfrey [Fry]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Charles FermorBirth22nd Aug 1672William FermorMartha Fermor [Thomas]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anne HodelyBirth23rd Nov 1672Henry HoadlyElizabeth Hoadly [Hodly]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth AshdowneBirth1673William AshdowneMary AshdowneRotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah HarmerBirth1673Abraham HarmerCatherine Harmer [Marrion]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth AshbyBirth1673Thomas AshbyMary Ann Ashby [Peett]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah MooneBirth1673John MoonElizabeth Moon [Turner]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John CattBirth1673John CattElizabeth Catt [Ames]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann TaylorBirth1673John TaylorMary TaylorRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth OvendenBirth1673John OvendenElizabeth Ovenden [Everest]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Jane HarmerBirth1673John HarmerAnn HarmerRotherfield Parish Registers
Edward WickensBirth1673Arthur WickingsElizabeth Wickings [Kippings]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Judith HillesBirth1673Christopher HillesMary HillesRotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah BassettBirth1673John BassettDorothy BassettRotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah MillsBirth1673Robert MilsBennett Mils [Morley]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John CorkeBirth1673Nicholas CorkeMartha CorkeRotherfield Parish Registers
Jane AttreeBirth1673William AttreeJudith Attree [Codden]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth GilbardBirth1674Robert GilbardAgnes Gilbard [Quennell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary MuddleBirth1674Thomas MuddleMary MuddleRotherfield Parish Registers
John AshdowneBirth1674John Ashdowne, weaverAnn Ashdowne [Elyot]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elisabeth StevensBirth1674Thomas StephensMercy Stephens [Gilberd]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas CurdBirth1674John CurdAnn Curd [Young]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann BakerBirth1674Thomas BakerJoane Baker [Aynscombe]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas StapleyBirth1674Richard StapleySusan Pococke [Pococke]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Edward BakerBirth1674Edward BakerElizabeth BakerRotherfield Parish Registers
Ann HillesBirth1674Nicholas HillesMary Hilles [Snatt]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Robert StapleyBirth1674Richard StapleySusan Pococke [Pococke]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth SawyerBirth1674Thomas SawyerAlice Sawyer [Wheeler]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
Robert MartinBirth1674Thomas MartinSusan Martin [Pett]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth BakerBirth1674John BakerElizabeth BakerRotherfield Parish Registers
Barbara CattBirth1674Adam CattAnn CattRotherfield Parish Registers
John GouldsmythBirth1674John GouldsmythMary Gouldsmyth [Martin]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Edward MarkwickeBirth1674Edward MarkwickeGrace Markwicke [Tompsett]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Robert BakerBirth1674Robert BakerElizabeth Baker [Adds]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas CattBirth1674Thomas CattSara Catt [Knight]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas HookeBirth1673/74Charles HookeHester HookeRotherfield Parish Registers
Colonel John FermorBirth10th Oct 1674William FermorMartha Fermor [Thomas]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William JarrettBirth1675John JarrettGrace Jarrett [Miles]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth HillesBirth1675Edward HillesAnn HillesRotherfield Parish Registers
Ann AlchorneBirth1675William AlchorneElizabeth Alchorne [Swan]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Alexander AshdowneBirth1675John Ashdowne, weaverAnn Ashdowne [Elyot]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann BakerBirth1675John Thomas BakerTamar Baker [Wickens]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Richard CattBirth1675John CattElizabeth Catt [Ames]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann MillsBirth1675Robert MilsBennett Mils [Morley]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Jeffery WalterBirth1675Samuell WalterRachell WalterRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth GilbardBirth1675William GilbardElizabeth GilbardRotherfield Parish Registers
John AshdowneBirth1675William AshdowneMary AshdowneRotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth BassettBirth1674/75Alexander BassettAnne BassettRotherfield Parish Registers
John AshdowneBirth1676John Ashdowne, weaverAnn Ashdowne [Elyot]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John GouldsmythBirth1676John GouldsmythElizabeth Gouldsmyth [Ashdowne]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Susan HarmerBirth1676John HarmerAnn HarmerRotherfield Parish Registers
John AlchorneBirth1676John AlchorneAnn Alchorne [Hawkins]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John AustenBirth1676John AustenAnn Austen [Alchorne]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas HodelyBirth1676Thomas HoadlyJane Hoadly [Martine]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Abraham HarmerBirth1676Abraham HarmerCatherine Harmer [Marrion]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah CattBirth1676Thomas CattSara Catt [Knight]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann SawyerBirth1676Thomas SawyerAlice Sawyer [Wheeler]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
Thomas SawyerBirth1676Thomas SawyerAlice Sawyer [Wheeler]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
Ann JarrettBirth1676John JarrettGrace Jarrett [Miles]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Nicholas HillesBirth1676Nicholas HillesMary Hilles [Snatt]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John MuddleBirth1676John MuddleElizabeth Muddle [Vinten]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Susanna BakerBirth1676Henry BakerSusan BakerRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas OvendenBirth1676/77John OvendenElizabeth Ovenden [Everest]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mercie StevensBirth1675/76Thomas StephensMercy Stephens [Gilberd]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Margarett WickensBirth1677Arthur WickingsElizabeth Wickings [Kippings]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas BakerBirth1677Edward BakerElizabeth BakerRotherfield Parish Registers
Jane MooneBirth1677John MoonElizabeth Moon [Turner]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann AshbyBirth1677Thomas AshbyMary Ann Ashby [Peett]Rotherfield Parish Registers
George MillsBirth1677Robert MilsBennett Mils [Morley]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth CattBirth1677John CattElizabeth Catt [Ames]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John GilbardBirth1677Robert GilbardAgnes Gilbard [Quennell]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Sarah MuddleBirth1677Thomas MuddleMary MuddleRotherfield Parish Registers
John CurdBirth1677John CurdAnn Curd [Young]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Ann AttreeBirth1677William AttreeJudith Attree [Codden]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Richard HookeBirth1677Charles HookeHester HookeRotherfield Parish Registers
William BassettBirth1676/77Alexander BassettAnne BassettRotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas HodelyBirth15th Sep 1677Henry HoadlyElizabeth Hoadly [Hodly]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Anthony FowleBirth24th Oct 1677Humphrey FowleSarah Fowle [Dyke]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth CattBirth1678John CattElizabeth Catt [Ames]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Thomas AshdowneBirth1678John Ashdowne, weaverAnn Ashdowne [Elyot]Rotherfield Parish Registers
John AlchorneBirth1678William AlchorneElizabeth Alchorne [Swan]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Mary DadswellBirth1678Edward DadswellElizabeth Dadswell [Elliott]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William HillesBirth1678Nicholas HillesMary Hilles [Snatt]Rotherfield Parish Registers
William SawyerBirth1678Stephen SawyerAnn Sawyer [Puxty]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
Sarah SawyerBirth1678Stephen SawyerAnn Sawyer [Puxty]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
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Alternative Regions
New Zealand
United States
Alternative Areas/Parishes
Parish of Albourne, Sussex
Parish of Alciston, Sussex
Parish of Aldingbourn, Sussex
Parish of Aldrington, Sussex
Parish of Alfriston, Sussex
Parish of Amberley, Sussex
Parish of Angmering, Sussex
Parish of Appledram, Sussex
Parish of Ardingly, Sussex
Parish of Arlington, Sussex
Parish of Arundel, Sussex
Parish of Ashburnham, Sussex
Parish of Ashington, Sussex
Parish of Ashurst, Sussex
Parish of Ashurstwood, Sussex
Parish of Balcombe, Sussex
Parish of Barcombe, Sussex
Parish of Barlavington, Sussex
Parish of Barnham, Sussex
Parish of Battle, Sussex
Parish of Beckley, Sussex
Parish of Beddingham, Sussex
Parish of Berwick, Sussex
Parish of Bexhill, Sussex
Parish of Bignor, Sussex
Parish of Billingshurst, Sussex
Parish of Binderton, Sussex
Parish of Binsted, Sussex
Parish of Birdham, Sussex
Parish of Bishopstone, Sussex
Parish of Blackboys, Sussex
Manor of Blackham
Parish of Blackham, Sussex
Parish of Blindley Heath, Surrey
Parish of Bodiam, Sussex
Parish of Bodle Street Green, Sussex
Parish of Bolney, Sussex
Parish of Bosham, Sussex
Parish of Bottolphs, Sussex
Parish of Boxgrove, Sussex
Parish of Bramber, Sussex
Parish of Brede, Sussex
Parish of Brightling, Sussex
Parish of Brighton, Sussex
Parish of Broadwater, Sussex
Parish of Broomhill, Sussex
Parish of Burgess Hill, Sussex
Parish of Burpham, Sussex
Parish of Burton, Sussex
Parish of Burwash, Sussex
Parish of Bury, Sussex
Parish of Buxted, Sussex
Parish of Catsfield, Sussex
Parish of Chailey, Sussex
Parish of Chalvington, Sussex
Parish of Charlton, Sussex
Parish of Chelwood Common, Sussex
Parish of Chelwood, Sussex
Parish of Chichester, Sussex
Parish of Chiddingly, Sussex
Parish of Chidham, Sussex
Parish of Chithurst, Sussex
Parish of Clapham, Sussex
Parish of Clayton, Sussex
Parish of Climping, Sussex
Parish of Cocking, Sussex
Parish of Cold Waltham, Sussex
Parish of Colgate, Sussex
Parish of Compton, Sussex
Parish of Coombs, Sussex
Parish of Copthorne, Sussex
Parish of Cousley Wood, Sussex
Parish of Cowfold, Sussex
Parish of Crawley Down, Sussex
Parish of Crawley, Sussex
Parish of Crowborough, Sussex
Parish of Crowhurst, Sussex
Parish of Cuckfield, Sussex
Parish of Dallington, Sussex
Parish of Danehill, Sussex
Parish of Denton, Sussex
Parish of Didling, Sussex
Parish of Ditchling, Sussex
Parish of Donnington, Sussex
Parish of Duncton, Sussex
Parish of Dunsfold, Sussex
Parish of Durrington, Sussex
Parish of Eartham, Sussex
Parish of Easebourne, Sussex
Parish of East Blatchington, Sussex
Parish of East Chiltington, Sussex
Parish of East Dean, Sussex
Parish of East Grinstead, Sussex
Parish of East Guldeford, Sussex
Parish of East Hoathly, Sussex
Parish of East Lavant, Sussex
Parish of East Preston, Sussex
Parish of East Wittering, Sussex
Parish of Eastbourne, Sussex
Parish of Eastdean, Sussex
Parish of Eastergate, Sussex
Parish of Edburton, Sussex
Parish of Egdean, Sussex
Parish of Elsted, Sussex
Parish of Emsworth, Sussex
Parish of Eridge Green, Sussex
Parish of Etchingham, Sussex
Parish of Ewhurst, Sussex
Parish of Fairlight, Sussex
Parish of Falmer, Sussex
Parish of Felpham, Sussex
Parish of Fernhurst, Sussex
Parish of Ferring, Sussex
Parish of Findon, Sussex
Parish of Fittleworth, Sussex
Parish of Fletching, Sussex
Parish of Flimwell, Sussex
Parish of Folkington, Sussex
Parish of Forest Row, Sussex
Manor of Framfield
Parish of Framfield, Sussex
Parish of Frant, Sussex
Parish of Friston, Sussex
Parish of Fulking, Sussex
Parish of Funtington, Sussex
Parish of Glynde, Sussex
Parish of Goring, Sussex
Parish of Graffham, Sussex
Parish of Greatham, Sussex
Parish of Groombridge, Kent and Sussex
Parish of Guestling, Sussex
Parish of Hadlow Down, Sussex
Parish of Hailsham, Sussex
Parish of Hambledown, Sussex
Parish of Hamsey, Sussex
Parish of Hangleton, Sussex
Parish of Hartfield, Sussex
Parish of Harting, Sussex
Parish of Hastings, Sussex
Parish of Hawkenbury, Sussex
Parish of Haywards Heath, Sussex
Parish of Heathfield, Sussex
Parish of Heene, Sussex
Parish of Hellingly, Sussex
Parish of Henfield, Sussex
Parish of Herstmonceux, Sussex
Parish of Heyshott, Sussex
Parish of Higham Park
Parish of Hollington, Sussex
Parish of Holtye, Sussex
Parish of Hooe, Sussex
Parish of Horam, Sussex
Parish of Horley, Sussex
Parish of Horsham, Sussex
Parish of Horsted Keynes, Sussex
Parish of Houghton, Sussex
Parish of Hove, Sussex
Parish of Hunston, Sussex
Parish of Hurst Green, Sussex
Parish of Hurstpierpoint, Sussex
Parish of Icklesham, Sussex
Parish of Iden, Sussex
Parish of Ifield, Sussex
Parish of Iford, Sussex
Parish of Iping, Sussex
Parish of Isfield, Sussex
Parish of Itchingfield, Sussex
Parish of Jarvis Brook, Sussex
Parish of Jevington, Sussex
Parish of Kemp Town, Sussex
Parish of Keymer, Sussex
Parish of Kingston, Sussex
Parish of Kingston-by-the-Sea, Sussex
Parish of Kingston-near-Lewes, Sussex
Parish of Kirdford, Sussex
Parish of Lamberhurst, Kent and Sussex
Parish of Lancing, Sussex
Parish of Laughton, Sussex
Parish of Leominster, Sussex
Parish of Lewes, Sussex
Parish of Linch, Sussex
Parish of Linchmere, Sussex
Parish of Lindfield, Sussex
Parish of Lingfield, Surrey
Parish of Litlington, Sussex
Parish of Little Horsted, Sussex
Parish of Littlehampton, Sussex
Location not known
Parish of Lodsworth, Sussex
Parish of Lower Beeding, Sussex
Parish of Lullington, Sussex
Parish of Lurgashall, Sussex
Parish of Maresfield, Sussex
Parish of Mark Cross, Sussex
Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
Parish of Merston, Sussex
Parish of Midhurst, Sussex
Parish of Mid-Lavant, Sussex
Parish of Mountfield, Sussex
Parish of Netherfield, Battle, Sussex
Parish of New Fishbourne, Sussex
Parish of New Shoreham, Sussex
Parish of Newhaven, Sussex
Parish of Newick, Sussex
Parish of Newtimber, Sussex
Parish of Ninfield, Sussex
Parish of North Chapel, Sussex
Parish of North Mundham, Sussex
Parish of Northiam, Sussex
Parish of Nuthurst, Sussex
Parish of Nutley, Sussex
Parish of Old Shoreham, Sussex
Parish of Ore, Sussex
Parish of Oving, Sussex
Parish of Ovingdean, Sussex
Parish of Pagham, Sussex
Parish of Parham, Sussex
Parish of Partridge Green, Sussex
Parish of Patcham, Sussex
Parish of Patching, Sussex
Parish of Peasmarsh, Sussex
Parish of Penhurst, Sussex
Parish of Pett, Sussex
Parish of Petworth, Sussex
Parish of Pevensey, Sussex
Parish of Piddinghoe, Sussex
Parish of Piltdown, Sussex
Parish of Playden, Sussex
Parish of Plumpton, Sussex
Parish of Poling, Sussex
Parish of Portslade, Sussex
Parish of Poynings, Sussex
Parish of Preston, Sussex
Parish of Pulborough, Sussex
Parish of Pyecombe, Sussex
Parish of Rackham, Sussex
Parish of Ringmer, Sussex
Parish of Ripe, Sussex
Parish of Riverhall, Sussex
Parish of Robertsbridge, Sussex
Parish of Rodmell, Sussex
Parish of Rogate, Sussex
Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
Parish of Rottingdean, Sussex
Parish of Rudgwick, Sussex
Parish of Rumbolds-Wyke, Sussex
Parish of Rusper, Sussex
Parish of Rustington, Sussex
Parish of Rye, Sussex
Parish of Salehurst, Sussex
Parish of Seaford, Sussex
Parish of Sedlescombe, Sussex
Parish of Selmeston, Sussex
Parish of Selsey, Sussex
Parish of Shermanbury, Sussex
Parish of Shipley, Sussex
Parish of Shoreham, Sussex
Parish of Sidlesham, Sussex
Parish of Singleton, Sussex
Parish of Slaugham, Sussex
Parish of Slindon, Sussex
Parish of Slinfold, Sussex
Parish of Sompting, Sussex
Parish of South Heighton, Sussex
Parish of South Malling, Sussex
Parish of Southease, Sussex
Parish of Southwick, Sussex
Parish of St. Leonards On Sea, Sussex
Parish of St. Leonards, Sussex
Parish of St. Peter, Sussex
Parish of Stanmer, Sussex
Parish of Stedham, Sussex
Parish of Steyning, Sussex
Parish of Stockwell
Parish of Stonegate, Sussex
Parish of Stopham, Sussex
Parish of Storrington, Sussex
Parish of Stoughton, Sussex
Parish of Streat, Sussex
Parish of Sullington, Sussex
County of Sussex
Parish of Sutton, Sussex
Parish of Tarring Neville, Sussex
Parish of Telscombe, Sussex
Parish of Terwick, Sussex
Parish of Thakeham, Sussex
Parish of Three Bridges, Sussex
Parish of Ticehurst, Sussex
Parish of Tidebrook, Sussex
Parish of Tillington, Sussex
Parish of Treyford, Sussex
Parish of Trotton, Sussex
Parish of Turners Hill, Sussex
Parish of Twineham, Sussex
Parish of Uckfield, Sussex
Parish of Udimore, Sussex
Parish of Up-Marden, Sussex
Parish of Upper Beeding, Sussex
Parish of Up-Waltham, Sussex
Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
Parish of Walberton, Sussex
Parish of Waldron, Sussex
Parish of Warbleton, Sussex
Parish of Warminghurst, Sussex
Parish of Warnham, Sussex
Parish of Wartling, Sussex
Parish of Washington, Sussex
Parish of West Blatchington, Sussex
Parish of West Chiltington, Sussex
Parish of West Dean, Sussex
Parish of West Firle, Sussex
Parish of West Grinstead, Sussex
Parish of West Hoathly, Sussex
Parish of West Itchenor, Sussex
Parish of West Stoke, Sussex
Parish of West Tarring, Sussex
Parish of West Thorney, Sussex
Parish of West Wittering, Sussex
Parish of Westbourne, Sussex
Parish of Westdean, Sussex
Parish of Westfield, Sussex
Parish of Westham, Sussex
Parish of Westhampnett, Sussex
Parish of Westmeston, Sussex
Parish of Whatlington, Sussex
Parish of Wiggonholt, Sussex
Parish of Willingdon, Sussex
Parish of Wilmington, Sussex
Parish of Winchelsea, Sussex
Parish of Wisborough Green, Sussex
Parish of Wiston, Sussex
Parish of Withyham, Sussex
Parish of Wivelsfield, Sussex
Parish of Woodmancote, Sussex
Parish of Woolavington, Sussex
Parish of Woolbeding, Sussex
Parish of Worth, Sussex
Parish of Worthing, Sussex
Parish of Yapton, Sussex

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