The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Penshurst, Kent
Parish & other records Before

Elizabeth OvendenBirth18251881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Harriett JennerBirth1825William JennerSusannah Jenner [Crouch]Penshurst Parish Registers
William Hopkins, farmerBirth18251881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
George WoodhamsBirth1825James WoodhamsMary WoodhamsPenshurst Parish Registers
William ShoebridgeBirth1825Thomas Shoebridge, farm labourerMary Shoebridge [King]Penshurst Parish Registers
Thomas KingswoodBirth18251881 Census
Sundridge, Kent
Elizabeth JennerBirth1825Richard JennerElizabeth Jenner [Comber]Penshurst Parish Registers
George LipscombBirth1825Robert LipscombElizabeth Lipscomb [Hopkins]Geoffrey Barber's records
William Dann, farm labourerBirth18251881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Philip WoodhamsBirth18251861 Census
Zillah HopkinsBirth18251881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
George PeerlessBirth18251881 Census
Cowden, Kent
Henry Simmons, labourerBirth1825John Simmons, garden labourerJane Simmons [Avis]1851 Census
Mary Ann SoleBirth18251881 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Stephen RummeryBirth1825William RummerySarah Rummery [Wickenden]Penshurst Parish Registers
Ellen Charlotte StreatfeildBirth1825Richard StreatfeildAnne Streatfeild [Woodgate]IGI - Family Search
Batch C16542-1
John Shorter, auctioneer and builderBirth18251881 Census
Edenbridge, Kent
William Simmons, farm labourerBirth18251881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Mary WoodhamsBirth18251871 Census
Harriett CoulstickBirth1825Samuel Cowlstock, labourerSarah Cowlstock [Everest]Penshurst Parish Registers
Henry Bridger, publicanBirth18251881 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Susan BennelBirth18251881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Elizabeth Cole [Murrell]Birth18251861 Census
William Child, carmanBirth18251881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
George Aylward, farm labourerBirth18251881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Mary Ann BarlowBirth18251881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Elizabeth ParkerBirth1826Philip Parker, gardenerMary Saker Parker [Blackwell]Penshurst Parish Registers
Mary Ann ParkerBirth1826Stephen ParkerMary Parker [Turner]Penshurst Parish Registers
Henry Sturt, farmerBirth18261891 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Sarah SturtBirth18261881 Census
Otford, Kent
Ellen C. MorleyBirth18261881 Census
Hever, Kent
Thomas Adams, farm labourerBirth1826John Adams, labourerMaria Adams1851 Census
Barbara BoakesBirth18261881 Census
Cowden, Kent
James TaskerBirth18261881 Census
Brasted, Kent
Ann HarrisBirth18261881 Census
Chiddingstone, Kent
Elizabeth Leigh Coulstock [Ready]Birth18261881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Job WoodhamsBirth1826Job WoodhamsAnn Woodhams [Barden]Penshurst Parish Registers
Thomas Dann, gamekeeperBirth18261881 Census
Bidborough, Kent
Joseph Collins, carpenterBirth18261881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
James TaskerBirth18261881 Census
Sundridge, Kent
Anne EverestBirth1826James EverestAnne EverestPenshurst Parish Registers
Thomas Card, farm labourerBirth1826Thomas Card, farm labourerSophia CardPenshurst Parish Registers
Harriet CrowhurstBirth18261881 Census
Leigh, Kent
Ann Everest, dressmakerBirth18261881 Census
Speldhurst, Kent
Ellen C MorleyBirth18261891 Census
Hever, Kent
Elizabeth HammondBirth18261881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Henry Foster, farmerBirth18261881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Susan WhiteBirth18271881 Census
Southborough, Kent
Thomas ShoebridgeBirth1827Thomas Shoebridge, farm labourerMary Shoebridge [King]Penshurst Parish Registers
Edward Simmons, labourerBirth1827John Simmons, garden labourerJane Simmons [Avis]1851 Census
Ann StillBirth18271881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Alfred WeightBirth18271881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Caroline ParkerBirth1827Robert ParkerSarah ParkerPenshurst Parish Registers
Caroline PryorBirth18271881 Census
Otford, Kent
Frances J. OvendenBirth18271881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Mary WellerBirth1827Henry WellerMary WellerPenshurst Parish Registers
Elizabeth Izzard [Kingswood]Birth18271881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Louisa HollambyBirth1827David Hollamby, yeast manMary HollambyPenshurst Parish Registers
Mary HoathBirth18271881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Jane Ann CoomberBirth1827Richard CoomberJudy Coomber1841 Census
Jane BoxBirth18271851 Census
Withyham, Sussex
George Arnold, solicitorBirth18271861 Census
Frant and Tunbridge Wells, Sussex
Richard AllenBirth1827Charlotte Allen1881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Sarah JennerBirth1827Richard JennerElizabeth Jenner [Comber]Penshurst Parish Registers
Edward TyhurstBirth18281881 Census
Chiddingstone, Kent
Mary Ann CarterBirth18281881 Census
Southborough, Kent
James WoodhamsBirth1828James WoodhamsMary WoodhamsPenshurst Parish Registers
Mary Ann RummeryBirth1828William RummerySarah Rummery [Wickenden]Penshurst Parish Registers
William OvendenBirth18281881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
John Sears, labourerBirth18281881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Charles Foster, wine merchantBirth18281881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Isabella M. MayBirth1828Thomas May, late vicar of Leigh church1881 Census
Leigh, Kent
Henry Sturt, farm labourerBirth18281881 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
William Frost, farm labourerBirth18281881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
William ParkerBirth1828Philip Parker, gardenerMary Saker Parker [Blackwell]Penshurst Parish Registers
Hannah LipscombBirth1828Robert LipscombElizabeth Lipscomb [Hopkins]Geoffrey Barber's records
William Gower, farmerBirth18281881 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
George Izzard, stockmanBirth18281881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Eliza JelletBirth18281851 Census
Lamberhurst, Sussex and Kent
Stephen ParkerBirth1829Stephen ParkerMary Parker [Turner]Penshurst Parish Registers
Matilda GassonBirth18291881 Census
Bidborough, Kent
Ann ParkerBirth1829Robert ParkerSarah ParkerPenshurst Parish Registers
Mary CardBirth18291871 Census
Ann HurtBirth18291881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
William Hoarsey, gamekeeperBirth18291881 Census
Leigh, Kent
Albert OvendenBirth18291881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Arthur Arnold, farmerBirth18291881 Census
Lamberhurst, Kent
Mary ArnoldBirth18291881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Thomas HopkinsBirth18291881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
George TurnerBirth18291881 Census
Leigh, Kent
Susannah SimmonsBirth1829John Simmons, garden labourerJane Simmons [Avis]1851 Census
Ann TownerBirth18291881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Sarah ShoebridgeBirth1829Thomas Shoebridge, farm labourerMary Shoebridge [King]Penshurst Parish Registers
Jane Ann DemezaBirth18291881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Rull (Kull) WoodhamsBirth1829Susanna WoodhamsPenshurst Parish Registers
Mary Cole [Peerless]Birth18291881 Census
Leigh, Kent
George Killick, cooperBirth1829John Killick, master cooperHarriot Killick1851 Census
Richard OvendenBirth18291881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Ann PayneBirth18291881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Albert WarrenBirth18291881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
James AdamsBirth1829John Adams, labourerMaria Adams1851 Census
Jane CardBirth1830Thomas Card, farm labourerSophia CardPenshurst Parish Registers
George Butcher, innkeeperBirth18301881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Susan BlundellBirth18301881 Census
Otford, Kent
John Bennel, shepherdBirth18301881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Christopher OvendenBirth18301881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Rebecca HonessBirth18301881 Census
Cranbrook, Kent
William JeffreyBirth1830James Jeffery, gardenerSarah JefferyPenshurst Parish Registers
Frank Arnold, farmerBirth18301881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Mary E. EverestBirth18301881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Sophia WoodhamsBirth1830James WoodhamsMary WoodhamsPenshurst Parish Registers
Ann FieldBirth1830William FieldMary Ann FieldPenshurst Parish Registers
Sophia HolmwoodBirth18301881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
John FieldBirth1830Samuel FieldSarah FieldPenshurst Parish Registers
Margaret WhitemoreBirth18301881 Census
Chiddingstone, Kent
Elizabeth AdamsBirth1830John Adams, labourerMaria AdamsIGI - Family Search
Batch C16542-1
George SimmonsBirth1831John Simmons, garden labourerJane Simmons [Avis]1851 Census
Mary Ann KillickBirth1831John Killick, master cooperHarriot Killick1851 Census
Ellen Marshall, lodginghouse keeperBirth18311881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Annie ScottBirth18311891 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Ruth OvendenBirth1831Henry F. Ovenden1881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Annie ScottBirth18311881 Census
Southborough, Kent
John Sherard, blacksmithBirth18311881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
William Sears, farm labourerBirth18311881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Ann Hodgman, living on own meansBirth18311891 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
John OvendenBirth18311891 Census
Buxted, Sussex
Henry RobertsBirth18311881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Mary Ann Miles [Chalklin]Birth18311881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Stephen Hurt, farm labourerBirth18311881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
John Duke, maker of cricket bats and ballsBirth18311881 Census
Chiddingstone, Kent
Hester DraperBirth18311881 Census
Southborough, Kent
Mary Ann EverestBirth1831James EverestAnne EverestPenshurst Parish Registers
James ParkerBirth1831Stephen ParkerMary Parker [Turner]Penshurst Parish Registers
Arabella WardenBirth18311881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Henry Bartlett, farm bailiffBirth18311881 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Ann HodgmanBirth18311881 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Elizabeth W. HazledenBirth18311881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Charity Heasman [Horsey]Birth18311861 Census
Henry ParkerBirth1831Robert ParkerSarah ParkerPenshurst Parish Registers
Fanny MaynardBirth18311881 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
George Carden, farm labourerBirth18311881 Census
Speldhurst, Kent
Henry Shoebridge, labourerBirth1831Thomas Shoebridge, farm labourerMary Shoebridge [King]Penshurst Parish Registers
Sarah WelerBirth18th Jul 1831Henry Weler, road labourerMary Weler [Dray]1851 Census
Withyham, Sussex
Hester CardBirth18321881 Census
Speldhurst, Kent
John PeerlessBirth18321881 Census
Ashurst, Kent
James Coppard, brewer's labourerBirth18321881 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
John Demeza, milk manBirth18321881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Harriet CaweBirth18321881 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Mary Eade [Field]Birth18321881 Census
Chiddingstone, Kent
Richard Adams, carterBirth1832John Adams, labourerMaria Adams1881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Matthias WoodhamsBirth1832James WoodhamsMary WoodhamsPenshurst Parish Registers
Bertha ParkerBirth1832Thomas ParkerElizabeth ParkerPenshurst Parish Registers
Sophia CrouchBirth18321881 Census
Otford, Kent
Obadiah Farmer, farm labourerBirth18321881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Fanny CardBirth18321881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Emma FryBirth18321881 Census
Southborough, Kent
Sophia CardBirth1832Thomas Card, farm labourerSophia CardPenshurst Parish Registers
George Bennett, labourerBirth18321881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Maria Hagsman [Wooley]Birth18321881 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
John Izzard, farm labourerBirth18321881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
George Langridge, labourerBirth1832John Langridge, sawyerFrances Langridge1851 Census
James HeasmanBirth1832Samuel Heasman, farm labourerFanny Heasman1851 Census
Martha Gulliver [Lipscomb]Birth1832Robert LipscombElizabeth Lipscomb [Hopkins]Geoffrey Barber's records
Ann Jenner [Fielder]Birth18321881 Census
Hartfield, Sussex
Martha BridgerBirthFeb 1832John Bridger, annuitantMartha Bridger [Collins]Simon Bridger's records
Rachel BassettBirth18331881 Census
Speldhurst, Kent
Richard ParkerBirth1833Robert ParkerSarah ParkerPenshurst Parish Registers
Elizabeth Clare JefferyBirth1833PoundsbridgeWilliam JefferyElizabeth Jeffery1851 Census
Caroline Eade [Turner]Birth18331881 Census
Chiddingstone, Kent
John EverestBirth1833James EverestAnne EverestPenshurst Parish Registers
Ann FielderBirth1833Mr FielderSophira Fielder1851 Census
Hartfield, Sussex
Ann CardBirth1833John CardMary Ann Card [Brooks]1851 Census
Sarah HodgesBirth18331881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Mary JefferyBirth1833James JefferySarah Jeffery1851 Census
Sarah CardBirth1833William CardJane Card [Harriott]Penshurst Parish Registers
Hester PingoBirth1833Philadelphia Pingo1881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
James JefferyBirth1833James Jeffery, gardenerSarah Jeffery1851 Census
Fanny WickhamBirth18331891 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Richard Mowcomber, carmanBirth18331881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
James Childs, farm labourerBirth18331881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Mrs BridgerBirth18331881 Census
Chiddingstone, Kent
Richard Bridger, carterBirth1833Henry Bridger, farm labourerElizabeth Ann Bridger [Jeal]1881 Census
Chiddingstone, Kent
Stephen CardBirth1833Stephen Card, porterMary Card1851 Census
Samuel SimmonsBirth1833John Simmons, garden labourerJane Simmons [Avis]1851 Census
Fanny WickhamBirth18331881 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Mercy WoodhamsBirth1833Michael WoodhamsMary Woodhams [Cole]Penshurst Parish Registers
Samuel WoodhamsBirth1833Michael WoodhamsMary Woodhams [Cole]Penshurst Parish Registers
James Coppard, farm labourerBirth18331891 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
John TurnerBirth18331891 Census
Withyham, Sussex
Mary WoodhamsBirth1833Richard WoodhamsHannah WoodhamsPenshurst Parish Registers
Thomas WoodhamsBirth1833Michael WoodhamsMary Woodhams [Cole]Penshurst Parish Registers
Hannah WinterBirth18331881 Census
Edenbridge, Kent
Caroline ShoebridgeBirth1833Thomas Shoebridge, farm labourerMary Shoebridge [King]Penshurst Parish Registers
Robert ParkerBirth1833Stephen ParkerSarah ParkerPenshurst Parish Registers
William Richard JefferyBirth1834PoundsbridgeWilliam JefferyElizabeth Jeffery1851 Census
Eliza Marlow [Bridger]Birth1834John Bridger, annuitantMartha Bridger [Collins]Simon Bridger's records
Priscilla StubbingsBirth18341881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
William ButcherBirth18341881 Census
Westerham, Kent
Charlotte JefferyBirth1834James JefferySarah Jeffery1851 Census
Jesse OvendenBirth18341881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Frances WoodhamsBirth1834Richard WoodhamsHannah WoodhamsPenshurst Parish Registers
John WoodhamsBirth1834James WoodhamsMary WoodhamsPenshurst Parish Registers
John CoomberBirth1834Richard CoomberJudy Coomber1851 Census
Mary Stander [Buckhurst]Birth18341881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Hannah WinterBirth18341891 Census
Edenbridge, Kent
Robert CrowhurstBirth1834William CrowhurstMary Ann Crowhurst1851 Census
Hartfield, Sussex
Ann WallsBirth18341891 Census
East Grinstead, Sussex
James WickendenBirth1834James WickendenNaomi Wickenden [Constable]1861 Census
Ellen EverestBirth1834Hannah EverestPenshurst Parish Registers
Maria BrownBirth18341881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
John Woodhams, farm labourerBirth18341871 Census
Rotherfield and Crowborough, Sussex
Rebecca Ford, laundressBirth18341881 Census
Leigh, Kent
Thomas Payne, bricklayerBirth18341881 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Mary Ann GoodwinBirth18341881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Frances MitchellBirth18341881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Ellen CardBirth1834Stephen Card, porterMary CardPenshurst Parish Registers
Jane MarchantBirth18341881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Stephen WheatleyBirth21st Apr 1834David Wheatley, labourerElizabeth Wheatley [Wilson]Lewes Parish Registers
Ellen Greagsby [Killick]Birth1835John Killick, master cooperHarriot Killick1851 Census
Thomas Child, farm labourerBirth18351881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Sarah BurfootBirth1835John Burfoot, farm bailiffSarah Burfoot [King]Penshurst Parish Registers
Mary Jane Avis [Young]Birth18351891 Census
Edenbridge, Kent
Frances DukeBirth18351881 Census
Chiddingstone, Kent
Marianne Haysman, laundressBirth18351891 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Susanna WoodBirth1835Fordham1881 Census
Otford, Kent
Sarah WellsBirth18351881 Census
Sundridge, Kent
Thomas Card, carpenterBirth1835John CardMary Ann Card [Brooks]1851 Census
Jacob Card, farm labourerBirth1835Thomas Card, farm labourerSophia CardPenshurst Parish Registers
Fanny ArnoldBirth18351881 Census
Lamberhurst, Kent
William CasterBirth18351891 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Harriet CardBirth1835William CardJane Card [Harriott]Penshurst Parish Registers
Eliza ThompsettBirth18351861 Census
Frant and Tunbridge Wells, Sussex
Thomas Kember, farm labourerBirth18351881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Thomas Spittles [Jenner]Birth1835Ann Jenner [Jenner]Penshurst Parish Registers
John ShoebridgeBirth1835Thomas Shoebridge, farm labourerMary Shoebridge [King]Penshurst Parish Registers
Richard Jeffery, farm labourerBirth1835James JefferySarah Jeffery1851 Census
William Harris, farm labourerBirth18351881 Census
Chiddingstone, Kent
William OvendenBirth18351881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Joseph RomeryBirth1835William RummerySarah Rummery [Wickenden]1851 Census
Eliza Humphrey [Thompsett]Birth18361881 Census
Frant, Sussex
Harriet TownerBirth18361881 Census
Speldhurst, Kent
Maria CliftonBirth18361881 Census
Otford, Kent
William CarterBirth18361881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
George PoundBirth1836Rebecca Pound1881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Elizabeth Blunt [Coomber]Birth18361881 Census
Speldhurst, Kent
John Card, sawyerBirth1836Richard Card, sawyerEmma Card1851 Census
Amos CardBirth1836Stephen Card, porterMary CardPenshurst Parish Registers
John CoomberBirth18361881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Harriet ReevesBirth18361881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Matilda Jenner [Yeomans]Birth18361881 Census
Ashurst, Kent
Sarah SimmonsBirth1836John Simmons, garden labourerJane Simmons [Avis]1851 Census
Susan RomaryBirth1836John RomarySophia Romary [Stapley]Arthur Turk's records
Thomas JefferyBirth1836PoundsbridgeWilliam JefferyElizabeth Jeffery1851 Census
Rachel JefferyBirth1836Adin Jeffery, gardenerRachel Jeffery1851 Census
Annie Jeffery [Wells]Birth18361871 Census
Elizabeth Caroline CoomberBirth1836Richard CoomberJudy Coomber1851 Census
Sarah HillsBirth18361881 Census
Leigh, Kent
Ruth FieldBirth1836William FieldMary Ann FieldPenshurst Parish Registers
Harriet WoodhamsBirth1836James WoodhamsMary WoodhamsPenshurst Parish Registers
Emma MaynardBirth18361851 Census
Hailsham, Sussex
Elizabeth EverestBirth1836James EverestAnne EverestPenshurst Parish Registers
Eliza WilesBirth18361881 Census
Chiddingstone, Kent
Richard WilesBirth18361881 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Mary A. WarrenBirth18361881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
George Gillett, farm labourerBirth18361881 Census
Leigh, Kent
William Godfrey Stidolph, grocer, draper and wine merchantBirth18361881 Census
Southborough, Kent
Susannah Gander, living on own meansBirth18361891 Census
Buxted, Sussex
Henry WoodhamsBirth1837James WoodhamsMary WoodhamsPenshurst Parish Registers
John Thomas Piper, paper maker and sewing machines agentBirth1837John Piper, paper makerMary Ann Piper1851 Census
Edward JennerBirth1837Edward Jenner, carpenter and bakerSusannah Jenner1861 Census
Ellen CardBirth18371881 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Mary J. YoungBirth18371881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
William SpittlesBirth1837Thomas SpittlesAnn Spittles [Jenner]Penshurst Parish Registers
Elizabeth EverestBirth1837James EverestAnne EverestPenshurst Parish Registers
Henry CrowhurstBirth1837William CrowhurstMary Ann CrowhurstPenshurst Parish Registers
Zillah JefferyBirth1837Adin Jeffery, gardenerRachel Jeffery1851 Census
Emma BardenBirth18371891 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Samuel ParkerBirth1837Robert ParkerSarah ParkerPenshurst Parish Registers
Mary PiperBirth18371881 Census
Otford, Kent
Mary Baldwin [Turner]Birth1837Argyle Richard TurnerSarah Turner [Bish]1881 Census
Hartfield, Sussex
Hiram JefferyBirth1837James JefferySarah JefferyPenshurst Parish Registers
David Hasmore, labourerBirth18371881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Charlotte Ashdown [Card]Birth1837William CardJane Card [Harriott]Penshurst Parish Registers
Ann BridgerBirth1837John Bridger, annuitantMartha Bridger [Collins]Simon Bridger's records
Henry WilesBirth18371881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Charles Godley, bricklayerBirth18371881 Census
Speldhurst, Kent
George Towner, stone sawyerBirth18371881 Census
Speldhurst, Kent
Emma BardenBirth18371881 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Edward CardBirth1837Thomas Card, farm labourerSophia CardPenshurst Parish Registers
Edward Sherard, general bill posterBirth18371881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Joseph MilesBirth1837William Miles, farm labourerMrs Miles1851 Census
Leilah Martin, laundressBirth18371881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Harriet Elizabeth WoodhamsBirth1837Henry WoodhamsJane WoodhamsPenshurst Parish Registers
Robert Lipscomb, farmerBirth1837Robert LipscombElizabeth Lipscomb [Hopkins]Geoffrey Barber's records
Robert Lipscomb, no occupationBirth18371881 Census
Tudeley, Kent
Frederic JefferyBirth1838PoundsbridgeWilliam JefferyElizabeth Jeffery1851 Census
Mary A EvendenBirth18381891 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
George PageBirth1838Jessie PagePhoebe Page1851 Census
John Stapley, farmerBirth1838Thomas Stapley, labourerCaroline Stapley [Saunter]Penshurst Parish Registers
Harriet CardBirth1838Richard Card, sawyerEmma Card1851 Census
Robert Child, cab proprietorBirth18381881 Census
Edenbridge, Kent
Ellen ShoebridgeBirth1838Thomas Shoebridge, farm labourerMary Shoebridge [King]Penshurst Parish Registers
Henry Bonwick, gardenerBirth18381881 Census
Southborough, Kent
George Goodwin, joinerBirth18381881 Census
Bidborough, Kent
Mary Ann PiperBirth1838John Piper, paper makerMary Ann Piper1851 Census
Elizabeth BurfootBirth1838John Burfoot, farm bailiffSarah Burfoot [King]Penshurst Parish Registers
Martha AdamsBirth1838John Adams, labourerMaria Adams1851 Census
Henry WelfareBirth18381881 Census
Leigh, Kent
Richard William CardBirth1838Stephen Card, porterMary CardPenshurst Parish Registers
Ann CoomberBirth1838Richard CoomberJudy Coomber1851 Census
Robert Child, fishmongerBirth18381891 Census
Edenbridge, Kent
John RomaryBirth1838John RomarySophia Romary [Stapley]Arthur Turk's records
Arthur OvendenBirth18381881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Mary CardBirth1839Thomas Card, farm labourerSophia CardPenshurst Parish Registers
George WilesBirth18391881 Census
Chiddingstone, Kent
Ann CardenBirth18391881 Census
Speldhurst, Kent
Thomas WickhamBirth18391881 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Mary Ann BrooksBirth1839Thomas Brooks, bricklayerEliza Brooks [Frost]1851 Census
Eliza OvendenBirth18391881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Elizabeth FordBirth18391881 Census
Leigh, Kent
Mary NormanBirth18391881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Frances BridgerBirth1839John Bridger, annuitantMartha Bridger [Collins]Simon Bridger's records
Ann CardBirth1839William CardJane Card [Harriott]Penshurst Parish Registers
Mary CardBirth1839William CardJane Card [Harriott]Penshurst Parish Registers
William Childs, waggonerBirth18391881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Margaret FullerBirth18391881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
George Frost, milkmanBirth18391881 Census
Southborough, Kent
Phoebe Everest [Paige]Birth1839Jessie PagePhoebe Page1851 Census
Ester Mary ParkerBirth1839John Parker, labourerPhiladelphia Parker [Bridgeland]Penshurst Parish Registers
Ann TownerBirth18391881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Fanny CardBirth1839Edward CardFrances Card [Gower]Penshurst Parish Registers
Susanna JefferyBirth1839James JefferySarah Jeffery1851 Census
Susanna WoodhamsBirth1839James WoodhamsMary WoodhamsPenshurst Parish Registers
Thomas Wickham, builderBirth18391891 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
John JennerBirth1839John Jenner, farm labourerAnn Jenner [Pocknell]Penshurst Parish Registers
John Carter, painterBirth18391881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Mary Ann MoonBirth18391881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
William Miles, farm labourerBirth1839William Miles, farm labourerMrs Miles1851 Census
Henry WellerBirth1839Thomas WellerCharlotte WellerPenshurst Parish Registers
Albert PiperBirth1840John Piper, paper makerMary Ann Piper1851 Census
Martha CoomberBirth1840Richard CoomberJudy Coomber1851 Census
David WellsBirth18401881 Census
Chiddingstone, Kent
Charles Jenner, farm labourerBirth1840George Jenner, farm labourerJemima Jenner [Ashdown]1881 Census
Bidborough, Kent
George Bonwick, farm labourerBirth18401881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Mary TesterBirth18401881 Census
Leigh, Kent
Francis SealBirth1840William Seal, labourerHarriett Seal1851 Census
Frances Totman [Kingswood]Birth18401881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
George CardBirth1840John CardMary Ann Card [Brooks]Penshurst Parish Registers
Harriet HopeBirth18401881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Edward PeerlessBirth18401881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Harriet EdwardsBirth18401881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Eliza TheobaldsBirth18401881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
William Lambert, plumberBirth18401881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Hannah HeasemanBirth1840Mr HeasemanElizabeth Heaseman1851 Census
Henry Draper, maker of cricket ballsBirth18401881 Census
Southborough, Kent
Jonathan IzzardBirth1840Stephen Izzard, farm labourerEliza Izzard [Cook]1881 Census
Chiddingstone, Kent
Ann Penfold [Payne]Birth18401861 Census
Fanny HeasmanBirth1840Samuel Heasman, farm labourerFanny Heasman1851 Census
Ellen CrowhurstBirth1841William CrowhurstMary Ann CrowhurstPenshurst Parish Registers
James WellerBirth1841Mark Weller, farm labourerElizabeth Weller1851 Census
Withyham, Sussex
Jane WellerBirth1841Thomas WellerCharlotte WellerPenshurst Parish Registers
Mary A. WelfareBirth18411881 Census
Leigh, Kent
George Stedman, millerBirth18411881 Census
Hadlow, Kent
Jemima ParkerBirth1841Henry Parker, trampMatilda ParkerPenshurst Parish Registers
Jane NickollsBirth18411881 Census
Leigh, Kent
Mary A. CrittellBirth18411881 Census
Chiddingstone, Kent
Rachel AldridgeBirth18411881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Fanny WilesBirth1841George WilesHarriet Wiles1881 Census
Speldhurst, Kent
John Stronghill, carterBirth18411881 Census
Southborough, Kent
Ann Latter [Card]Birth18411881 Census
Southborough, Kent
John Bonwick, farm labourerBirth18411881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Thomas WoodhamsBirth1841James WoodhamsMary WoodhamsPenshurst Parish Registers
Eliza GoodwinBirth18411881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Mary Jane JennerBirth1841George Jenner, farm labourerJemima Jenner [Ashdown]1851 Census
Sarah Jenner [Child]Birth18411881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Mary JefferyBirth1841Adin Jeffery, gardenerRachel Jeffery1851 Census
Margaret FullerBirth18411891 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Eliza M. BridgerBirth18411881 Census
Chiddingstone, Kent
Amelia J. LeaneyBirth18411881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Eliza Elizabeth Jenner [Ovenden]Birth18411881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Jane HopkinsBirth1841John HopkinsSarah Hopkins [Edwards]1851 Census
Rachel JefferyBirth18411881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Naomi ChildsBirth18411881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Esther Adams [Cooper]Birth18411881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
George ShoebridgeBirth1841Thomas Shoebridge, farm labourerMary Shoebridge [King]Penshurst Parish Registers
Mary Ann OvendenBirth18411881 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Jan. BridgerBirth18411881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Richard WoodhamsBirth1841Richard WoodhamsHannah WoodhamsPenshurst Parish Registers
Mary Ann Crowhurst, house-hold dutiesBirth18411911 Census
Withyham and Groombridge, Sussex
Hannah HowellBirth18411881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Henry Bridger, farm labourerBirth1841Henry Bridger, farm labourerElizabeth Ann Bridger [Jeal]1851 Census
Mary Ann PageBirth1841Jessie PagePhoebe Page1851 Census
George Bridger, innkeeperBirthSep 1841John Bridger, annuitantMartha Bridger [Collins]Simon Bridger's records
Frederick OvendenBirth1842Elias OvendenMary Ann Ovenden [Parker]David Everest's records
William Holmwood, bricklayer's labourerBirth18421891 Census
Rotherfield, Sussex
Albert Burfoot, tailorBirth1842Jasper Burfoot, labourerElleanor Burfoot [Goldsmith]1851 Census
Thomas Jenner, bricklayer's labourerBirth1842Edward Jenner, carpenter and bakerSusannah Jenner1861 Census
Mary J. AvisBirth18421881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Sarah JennerBirth18421881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Ellen ParkerBirth1842John Parker, labourerPhiladelphia Parker [Bridgeland]1851 Census
Henry JefferyBirth1842James JefferySarah Jeffery1851 Census
John SpittlesBirth1842Thomas SpittlesAnn Spittles [Jenner]Penshurst Parish Registers
Mary BonwickBirth18421881 Census
Southborough, Kent
Albert JefferyBirth1842PoundsbridgeWilliam JefferyElizabeth Jeffery1851 Census
Elizabeth Ann JennerBirth1842John Jenner, farm labourerAnn Jenner [Pocknell]Penshurst Parish Registers
Mary GibbsBirth18421881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
George Harris, maker of cricket ballsBirth18421881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Joshua CardBirth1842John CardMary Ann Card [Brooks]Penshurst Parish Registers
William Howe Holmwood, billposterBirth18421911 Census
Crowborough, Sussex
Jane Hodge [Tyhurst]Birth18421881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Ann HopeBirth18421881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Robert Gale, joinerBirth18421881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Ellen BunyardBirth18421891 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Henry Gower, gardenerBirth18421881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Walter WiseBirth1842Thomas Wise, carterSharlote Wise1861 Census
Frant and Tunbridge Wells, Sussex
Henry WilesBirth18421881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Maryann Crowhurst [Page]Birth18421881 Census
Speldhurst, Kent
Jane CardBirth18421881 Census
East Grinstead, Sussex
Abraham WellsBirth18421891 Census
Westerham, Kent
Isaac Towner, gardenerBirth18421881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
George JefferyBirth1842Adin Jeffery, gardenerRachel Jeffery1851 Census
Edward Card, farm labourerBirth1842Edward CardFrances Card [Gower]Penshurst Parish Registers
Sarah BridgerBirth1843John Bridger, annuitantMartha Bridger [Collins]1881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Tryphena Miles [Adams]Birth1843William Adams, carpenterTryphena Adams [Ovenden]1861 Census
James Crouch, maker of cricket batsBirth18431881 Census
Chiddingstone, Kent
William Coppard, farm labourerBirth18431881 Census
Speldhurst, Kent
Ellen Bunyard, laundressBirth18431881 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Richard A. BoissierBirth1843Maria Boissier, private income from property1881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Mary AcottBirth18431881 Census
Tudeley, Kent
Eliza MorseBirth18431881 Census
Hailsham, Sussex
Henry Constable, master painter and plumberBirth18431881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
William Everest, carpenterBirth18431881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Mary Anne GibbsBirth18431881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Elizabeth OvendenBirth18431891 Census
Cowden, Kent
Emily PiperBirth1843John Piper, paper makerMary Ann Piper1851 Census
George Hollamby, farm labourerBirth1843George Hollamby, farm labourerAnn Hollamby [Butcher]1851 Census
Ruth KnellerBirth1843Nathan KnellerSarah Kneller [King]1851 Census
William RomaryBirth1843Thomas RummerySarah Rummery1881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
William RyeBirth18431881 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Henry OvendenBirth18431881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Henry Martin, farm labourerBirth18431881 Census
Chiddingstone, Kent
Mary KemberBirth18431881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Harriett HenryBirth18431881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
William Towner, farm labourerBirth18431881 Census
Speldhurst, Kent
Rachel KnellerBirth1843Nathan KnellerSarah Kneller [King]1851 Census
Thomas Izzard, carpenterBirth18431881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Charlotte HewittBirth18431891 Census
Rotherfield, Sussex
Jane H HuggettBirth18431891 Census
Withyham, Sussex
Mark WellerBirth1843Mark Weller, farm labourerElizabeth Weller1851 Census
Withyham, Sussex
Mary MartinBirth18431881 Census
Leigh, Kent
James BridglandBirthc 1843William Bridgland, farm labourerHarriet Bridgland1851 Census
Withyham, Sussex
Elinor BurfootBirth1844Jasper Burfoot, labourerElleanor Burfoot [Goldsmith]1851 Census
Mary A. PiddlesdenBirth18441871 Census
Frant and Tunbridge Wells, Sussex
William Card, carpenterBirth1844William CardJane Card [Harriott]1851 Census
William Hopkins, employed at paper millBirth1844John HopkinsSarah Hopkins [Edwards]1851 Census
Martha JennerBirth1844Edward Jenner, carpenter and bakerSusannah Jenner1861 Census
Robert JennerBirth1844John Jenner, farm labourerAnn Jenner [Pocknell]1851 Census
William WoodhamsBirth1844James WoodhamsMary Woodhams1851 Census
Richard Henry Taylor, corn merchantBirth1844Henry Taylor, farmerElizabeth Fielder Taylor1851 Census
Alice BellBirth18441881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
James CoomberBirth1844Richard CoomberJudy Coomber1851 Census
Jane FriendBirth18441891 Census
Edenbridge, Kent
Emily Yeoman [Child]Birth18441881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
George King, shepherdBirth18441881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Joshua FryBirth1844William Fry, bricklayerEsther Fry [Davis]1861 Census
Edgar BridgerBirth1844John Bridger, annuitantMartha Bridger [Collins]Simon Bridger's records
Thomas JefferyBirth1845Adin Jeffery, gardenerRachel Jeffery1851 Census
Charles Lambert, house painter and glazierBirth18451881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Martha ColegateBirth18451881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
David Collins, plumberBirth18451881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
John Childs, gardenerBirth18451881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Eliza ChildBirth18451881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Elias OvendenBirth1845Elias OvendenMary Ann Ovenden [Parker]David Everest's records
George PeerlessBirth18451891 Census
Cowden, Kent
James H White, telegraph wiremanBirth18451891 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Will PiperBirth1845John Piper, paper makerMary Ann Piper1851 Census
Rose Standen [Ashdown]Birth18451871 Census
Thomas Towner, labourerBirth18451881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
Tryphosa Hopkins [Adams]Birth1845William Adams, carpenterTryphena Adams [Ovenden]1861 Census
James H. WhiteBirth18451881 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Thomas R Young, carpenterBirth18451891 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
Harriett Morris [Fenner]Birth18451881 Census
East Grinstead, Sussex
Horace H. Hitchcock, cricket ball manufacturerBirth18451881 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
William DukeBirth18451881 Census
Chiddingstone, Kent
Eliza CardBirth1845Edward CardFrances Card [Gower]1851 Census
Harry HopeBirth18451881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
George B. EverestBirth1845William Everest, farm labourerJane Everest [Payne]David Everest's records
Ruth TicehurstBirth18461881 Census
Southborough, Kent
Levi YeomanBirth18461881 Census
Chiddingstone, Kent
Maria CardBirth1846John CardMary Ann Card [Brooks]1851 Census
Mary J. StreatBirth1846Thomas Vinall, boot and shoe makerSophia Vinall [Norman]1881 Census
Penshurst, Kent
George Lancaster, labourerBirth18461881 Census
Southborough, Kent
Elizabeth Wickenden [Bridger]Birth1846John Bridger, farm labourerEmma Bridger [Russell]IGI - Family Search
Jasper Burfoot, soldierBirth1846Jasper Burfoot, labourerElleanor Burfoot [Goldsmith]1851 Census
Fredrick TheobaldBirth18461881 Census
Otford, Kent
Elizabeth PiddlesdenBirth18461871 Census
Frant and Tunbridge Wells, Sussex
Ruth JennerBirth1846Stephen Jenner, farm labourerZilpah Jenner [Jenner]1851 Census
Sarah WoodhamsBirth1846James WoodhamsMary Woodhams1851 Census
Harriot KnellerBirth1846Nathan KnellerSarah Kneller [King]1851 Census
Abraham JennerBirth1846George Jenner, farm labourerJemima Jenner [Ashdown]1851 Census
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Alternative Regions
New Zealand
United States
Alternative Areas/Parishes
Parish of Addington, Kent
Parish of Alkham, Kent
Parish of Appledore, Kent
Parish of Ash, Kent
Parish of Ashford, Kent
Parish of Ashurst, Kent
Parish of Aylesford, Kent
Parish of Bapchild, Kent
Parish of Barbon, Kent
Parish of Barham, Kent
Parish of Barming Heath, Kent
Parish of Bearsted, Kent
Parish of Beckenham, Kent
Parish of Benenden, Kent
Parish of Bessells Green, Kent
Parish of Bethersden, Kent
Parish of Bexley, Kent
Parish of Bexleyheath, Kent
Parish of Bidborough, Kent
Parish of Biddenden, Kent
Parish of Birchington, Kent
Parish of Birling, Kent
Parish of Bitchet Green, Kent
Parish of Blackheath, Kent
Parish of Borough Green, Kent
Parish of Borstal, Kent
Parish of Boughton Malherbe, Kent
Parish of Boughton Monchelsea, Kent
Parish of Boughton-under-Blean, Kent
Parish of Boxley, Kent
Parish of Brabourne, Kent
Parish of Brasted, Kent
Parish of Bredhurst, Kent
Parish of Brenchley, Kent
Parish of Brenzett, Kent
Parish of Broadstairs, Kent
Parish of Bromley, Kent
Parish of Brompton, Kent
Parish of Brookland, Kent
Parish of Canterbury, Kent
Parish of Capel, Kent
Parish of Charing, Kent
Town of Charlton, Kent
Parish of Chart Sutton, Kent
Parish of Chart, Kent
Parish of Chartham, Kent
Parish of Chatham, Kent
Parish of Chelsfield, Kent
Parish of Cheriton, Kent
Parish of Chevening, Kent
Parish of Chiddingstone, Kent
Parish of Chilham, Kent
Parish of Chipstead, Surrey
Parish of Chislehurst, Kent
Parish of Chislet, Kent
Parish of Chittenden, Kent
Parish of Cliffe, Kent
Parish of Cobham, Kent
Parish of Cowden, Kent
Parish of Cranbrook, Kent
Parish of Crayford, Kent
Parish of Crockham Hill, Kent
Parish of Crundale, Kent
Parish of Cudham, Kent
Parish of Darenth, Kent
Parish of Dartford, Kent
Parish of Deal, Kent
Parish of Denny Bottom, Kent
Parish of Depford, Kent
Parish of Deptford, Kent
Parish of Detling, Kent
Parish of Ditton, Kent
Parish of Doddington, Kent
Parish of Dover, Kent
Parish of Downe, Kent
Parish of Dunton Green, Kent
Parish of Each End, Kent
Parish of East Barming, Kent
Parish of East Farleigh, Kent
Parish of East Malling, Kent
Parish of East Peckham, Kent
Parish of East Sutton, Kent
Parish of Eastling, Kent
Parish of Eastry, Kent
Parish of Ebony, Kent
Parish of Edenbridge, Kent
Parish of Egerton, Kent
Parish of Elham, Kent
Parish of Elmstead, Kent
Parish of Elvington, Dover, Kent
Parish of Erith, Kent
Parish of Eynsford, Kent
Parish of Farnborough, Kent
Parish of Farningham, Kent
Parish of Faversham, Kent
Parish of Five Oak Green, Kent
Parish of Folkstone, Kent
Parish of Fordcombe, Kent
Parish of Forest Hill, Kent
Parish of Four Elms, Kent
Parish of Frindsbury, Kent
Parish of Frittenden, Kent
Parish of Gillingham, Kent
Parish of Godden Green, Kent
Parish of Godmersham, Kent
Parish of Goodnestone, Kent
Parish of Goudhurst, Kent
Parish of Gravesend, Kent
Parish of Great Chart, Kent
Parish of Greatness, Kent
Parish of Green Street Green, Kent
Parish of Greenwich, Kent
Parish of Groombridge, Kent and Sussex
Parish of Hadlow, Kent
Parish of Halstead, Kent
Parish of Harrietsham, Kent
Parish of Hartley, Kent
Parish of Hastingleigh, Kent
Parish of Hawkenbury, Kent
Parish of Hawkhurst, Kent
Parish of Hayes, Kent
Parish of Headcorn, Kent
Parish of Hearn, Kent
Parish of Herne Bay, Kent
Parish of Herne, Kent
Parish of Hever, Kent
Parish of High Halden, Kent
Parish of High Halstow, Kent
Parish of Higham, Kent
Parish of Hildenborough, Kent
Parish of Hollingbourne, Kent
Parish of Hoo, Kent
Parish of Horsmonden, Kent
Parish of Hothfield, Kent
Parish of Hunton, Kent
Parish of Hythe, Kent
Parish of Ide Hill, Kent
Parish of Ightham, Kent
Parish of Isle of Thanet, Kent
Parish of Ivy Hatch, Kent
Parish of Kemsing, Kent
Parish of Kennington, Kent
County of Kent
Parish of Kilndown, Kent
Parish of Kingsdown, Kent
Parish of Kingsnorth, Kent
Parish of Kingston, Kent
Parish of Knockholt, Kent
Parish of Lamberhurst, Kent and Sussex
Parish of Langley, Kent
Parish of Langton Green, Kent
Parish of Leeds, Kent
Parish of Leigh, Kent
Parish of Lenham, Kent
Parish of Leybourne, Kent
Parish of Linton, Kent
Parish of Little Chart, Kent
Parish of Littlebourne, Kent
Parish of Loose, Kent
Parish of Lower Haysden
Parish of Luddesdown, Kent
Parish of Lydd, Kent
Parish of Lyminge, Kent
Parish of Maidstone, Kent
Parish of Malling, Kent
Parish of Marden, Kent
Parish of Margate, Kent
Parish of Mark Beech, Kent
Parish of Marsh Green, Kent
Parish of Matfield, Kent
Parish of Medway, Kent
Parish of Meopham, Kent
Parish of Mereworth, Kent
Parish of Mersham, Kent
Parish of Milton, Kent
Parish of Monkton, Kent
Parish of Mootham, Kent
Parish of Nettlestead, Kent
Parish of New Romney, Kent
Parish of Newchurch, Kent
Parish of Newchurch, Romney Marsh, Kent
Parish of Newenden, Kent
Parish of Newnham, Kent
Parish of Nonington, Kent
Parish of Northbourne, Kent
Parish of Northfleet, Kent
Parish of Offham, Kent
Parish of Old Romney, Kent
Parish of Orpington, Kent
Parish of Ospringe, Kent
Parish of Otford, Kent
Parish of Otham, Kent
Parish of Packham, Kent
Parish of Paddock Wood, Kent
Parish of Pembury, Kent
Parish of Penshurst, Kent
Parish of Petham, Kent
Parish of Petteridge, Kent
Parish of Platt, Kent
Parish of Plaxtol, Kent
Parish of Pluckley, Kent
Parish of Poundsbridge, Kent
Parish of Puckley, Kent
Parish of Queenborough, Kent
Parish of Rainham, Kent
Parish of Ramsgate, Kent
Parish of Ripple, Kent
Parish of Riverhead, Kent
Parish of Rochester, Kent
Parish of Rolvenden, Kent
Parish of Romney Marsh, Kent
Parish of Rosherville, Kent
Parish of Rotherhithe, Kent
Parish of Rusthall, Kent
Parish of Ryarsh, Kent
Parish of Saltwood, Kent
Parish of Sandgate, Kent
Parish of Sandhurst, Kent
Parish of Sandwich, Kent
Parish of Seal, Kent
Parish of Selling, Kent
Parish of Sevenoaks Weald, Kent
Parish of Sevenoaks, Kent
Parish of Shadoxhurst, Kent
Parish of Sheerness, Kent
Parish of Sheldwich, Kent
Parish of Sheppey, Kent
Parish of Shipbourne, Kent
Parish of Shipley, Kent
Parish of Shoreham, Kent
Parish of Shorne, Kent
Parish of Sidcup, Kent
Parish of Sissinghurst, Kent
Parish of Sittingbourne, Kent
Parish of Smarden, Kent
Parish of Snodland, Kent
Parish of Southborough, Kent
Parish of Speldhurst, Kent
Parish of St. Mary Cray, Kent
Parish of Standford, Kent
Parish of Stanstead, Kent
Parish of Staplehurst, Kent
Parish of Stoke, Kent
Parish of Stone, Kent
Parish of Strood, Kent
Parish of Stroud, Kent
Parish of Sundridge, Kent
Parish of Sutton Valence, Kent
Parish of Sutton-at-hone, Kent
Parish of Swanley, Kent
Parish of Swanscombe, Kent
Parish of Tendley, Kent
Parish of Tenterden, Kent
Parish of Teston, Kent
Parish of Thornham, Kent
Parish of Throwley, Kent
Parish of Thurnham, Kent
Parish of Tonbridge, Kent
Parish of Town Malling, Kent
Parish of Town Sutton, Kent
Parish of Toys Hill, Kent
Parish of Trottisciffe, Kent
Parish of Tudeley-cum-Capel, Kent
Parish of Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Parish of Tunstall, Kent
Parish of Ulcombe, Kent
Parish of Under River, Kent
Parish of Upchurch, Kent
Parish of Upper Deal, Kent
Parish of Upper Hayesden
Parish of Waltham, Kent
Parish of Warehorne, Kent
Parish of Wateringbury, Kent
Parish of West Farleigh, Kent
Parish of West Malling, Kent
Parish of West Peckham, Kent
Parish of Westerham, Kent
Parish of Westwell, Kent
Parish of Whitstable, Kent
Parish of Willesborough, Kent
Parish of Willesden, Kent
Parish of Wilmington, Kent
Parish of Wingham, Kent
Parish of Wittersham, Kent
Parish of Woodchurch, Kent
Parish of Woolwich, Kent
Parish of Wouldham, Kent
Parish of Wrotham, Kent
Parish of Wye, Kent
Parish of Yalding, Kent

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