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Most but not all of the information contained on this site is in the public domain and the fundamental approach of this site is to encourage sharing of such information whether it be data, images, maps, documents, genealogy, etc. Much of the information has come from contributors whose work this site depends upon and, in some cases, such information has been contributed on the basis that it is only to be used with the contributor's consent.

How to copy information

The site has adopted two simple rules to copying:

1. For genealogical information please ask the contributor where one is shown in the right hand column. Clicking on the contributor's name will generate a form for you to request permission which will be emailed to the contributor. If there is no contributor shown then please proceed to copy.

2. For documents, images and maps please either e-mail or use a form to request permission.


The Weald is at  Database version 13.3 which has ongoing updates to the 392,678 people; 9,000 places; 613 maps; 3,308 pictures, engravings and photographs; and 247 books loaded in the previous version

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