The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
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Parish records This site does not contain details of all parish records - it does however contain exhaustive information including those parish records which are accessible for selected family names
Hyperlinks All static information is shown in black
All links to more information are shown in blue
People All males and single females are shown as follows - Title (if any), Surname, Forenames, Post nomenclature (e.g. Lordships, Esquire)
All married females are shown as follows -  Title (if any), Married surname [Previous married surname (if any)] ... repeated as necessary ....[Surname at birth (if known)], Forenames, Post nomenclature (e.g. Ladyships)
Dates All dates are shown as Day Month Year where the date is known exactly
or as Month Year where the month is approximate
or as Year where the year is within +/- two years
or as c Year where the year is within +/- fifteen years
or as xxx Century
Errors Whilst every care has been taken in transcribing information from old records which in themselves are prone to error or misinterpretation, the viewer of this site needs to recognise that there will be errors.
Viewers who wish to verify information contained in this site should access the original data using the source links that are provided.
Sources Sources for all information are shown next to the displayed data.
The primary sources for Parish records and census data are the East Sussex Record Office in Lewes and the Family Search Service provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
The primary source for Maps are from the service with permission of Landmark Information Group Ltd and Ordnance Survey
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The Weald is at  Database version 13.3 which has ongoing updates to the 392,678 people; 9,000 places; 613 maps; 3,308 pictures, engravings and photographs; and 247 books loaded in the previous version

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